Monday, November 05, 2007

Collision Course

When's the last time you collided, headfirst, with a 11-12 year-old kid with Down Syndrome? and it was YOUR fault?

Um, could it be NEVER? Would NEVER be the right answer??

Day three of my swim extravanganza. So far, (that would be the past two times), I've been sharing the if-it-were-any-slower-you'd-be-walking lane with a kid with Down Syndrome. He's awesome. His coach walks alongside the lane; this kid is a machine. He just goes and goes. Since there's just the two of us, we each take 1/2 of one lane, swimming up and down our half.

Half-way thru this morning's swim, some guy--in a blue speedo, of course--asks if he can share the lane. I say sure. This means we now have to circle swim--up one side, down the other. So I start doing that. Until this kid's coach asks me if I want to keep doing it. I say, well, aren't there three of us now? "Err, no," he says.

(Remember I can't see? I need to get those prescription goggles, or something soon, before I wreak more havoc.)

Apparently blue-speedo guy asked me to circle swim and then left the lane without telling me.

No problem.

I go back to swimming in my 1/2 lane. No more circling.

This morning was tougher than last week. I think because it was light out at 6:15. I don't like seeing what i'm doing wrong. There was sputtering, and panic, and anxiety. I was trying to relax--but don't stop that counting!--and I got into a groove a few times.

If you recall, bad things happen when I relax.

This morning, as I'm relaxing, getting into the groove, dreaming of swimming in the Schuykill, I relaxed right back into circle swimming. Which, if you recall, we were now NOT doing. I neglected to tell my little friend though, who of course was doing his workout PERFECTLY. Bastard!

And...ka-boom. I hit the poor kid right in the face.

But really. I mean REALLY! He stopped, looked at me, and continued.

I sputtered, muttered I'm sorry, my fault, over and over like a mantra.

Me=Grown Up Adult Who Knows What She Is Doing.

Him=Kid With Down Syndrome Who Now Knows Never to Trust Adults.

UPDATE: Don't forget to tell us why you blog. Lot of interesting answers so far.


21stCenturyMom said...

You = overly apologetic adult newbie swimmer

Him = kid who got smacked and went on swimming probably never thinking about it again.

3 cheers for swimming! You're doing great!

ps - Me = person who hits people in the other lane or while flip turning pretty much every workout. It happens. I apologize, they growl, we swim some more.

Black Knight said...

I am swimming too! I can only do this and I hope not to have a crash in the lane. 2 crashes in 2 months are too much.

Nancy Toby said...

It's okay, Jeanne. Don't worry about it. You only probably ruined the entire rest of his life.

Mark said...

What Nancy said + you are clearly evil.

LBTEPA said...

Everyone here 'circle swims' (on the left, but I spose you could do it on the right cos that's the way you drive, I hear) ALL THE TIME, even if we're in a lane by ourselves so we can fit lots of people in the lanes ALL THE TIME, without having to converse or negotiate, also a blessing. Sheesh.
I have a scar on my hand from doing a butterfly stroke into the face of a 12yo who GOT IN MY WAY. I had to get a tetanus shot(true story). The kid's forgotten about you, mate. Let it go.

Just12Finish said...

You could buy him a helmet get-well present.

Rainmaker said...

Well, look at the positive side - at least you didn't Butterfly into him...cause that would have hurt (as LBTEPA pointed out). Plus, perhaps he thought you were just giving him a pat on the head - like a good job/congrats sorta thing...except with an evil twist.

IHateToast said...

i'm with leeb teepa. we always circle swim. if you always do it, there's no need to ask.

as for the kid, i'm sure he's over it. people do run into each other. if you weren't scarred, then a downs syndrome child wasn't scarred. now, had you smacked him and then said, "oh, i'm sorry, i was daydreaming about kinky sex with my spin instructor" THEN you'd be queen-o-scarring.

Angelena said...

Just wait 'til his mommy finds you... :)