Friday, November 09, 2007

In Memorium: Ryan Shay

Our own amazing hip came up with the idea to honor the memory of Ryan Shay, who died at mile 5.5 of the U.S. Olympic Trials on Saturday, Nov. 3.

Jeff's idea is this: On Saturday, Nov. 17, we all dedicate 5.5 miles of our runs to Ryan's memory. is publicizing this (virtual) event, along with Steve Runner in podcast #122.

If you plan to participate, please leave a comment over at CRN. We hope this effort will give some small measure of comfort to the Shay family.

Read more about Ryan over at, where they've collected a lot of stories.


Rainmaker said...

That's a good idea - it will help motivate me on that Saturday that the last 5.5 is for him and I shouldn't let him down.

Susan said...

Excellent idea. I'm doing 12 that day, and the first (faster) 5.5 will be for Ryan.

Neese said...

oh wow, nice idea.
that'll be my turkey trot day, I'm sure I'll think of him running the 5k