Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Perfect Week

Of training!

(Great answers, btw, on why you blog. Keep 'em coming!)

The week in review:

MONDAY: Swim: 750 yards

TUESDAY: Run 4 miles

WEDNESDAY: Swim 750 yards

THURSDAY: Spinning with hot sexy-in-a-quiet-yet-forceful-yogini-kinda-way instructor. (Sidebar: AM I DOOMED TO FALL IN LOVE WITH all my spinning instructors?? Well, I did not love Sylvia. Especially after she failed to show up at all one morning at 6, and the following week, showed up at 6:30. For a 45-min class. So the answer is: No, I'm not.)

FRIDAY: Run 4 miles

SATURDAY: Run 6 miles; followed by walking tour of quaint downtown, Frederick, MD for 97 hours.

The good: I've been waking up at 5:30 every morning. It's been glorious! Great weather. Chill in the air. Pitch black.

The bad: I've been going to bed at 11!

The good: I did it! I had a perfect week!

The bad: You'll never repeat it. So enjoy it while it lasts.

The good: Shut the hell up!!

The bad: I broke my glasses in half Friday morning, just before showering—at work of course. At 7:30. I am seriously blind. So I had to leave the car at work, walk to the bus, pick out the right bus, go to the mall, (all without seeing), wait til the store opened, and then, WITHOUT BENEFIT OF Number One Daughter, who is in charge of things that go on my face (usually), pick out new glasses. Thank God for LensCrafter. Two hours and $$$ later and I was back on the bus, at my desk and ready to work by: 2:00 p.m.!

The good: I get to drive my car because the bus gets me to work too late in the a.m. plus now I'm stopping to swim and to spin.

The bad: I have to drive my car!!! I'm tryin' to be green, people!

The really bad: My car radio is dead as a doornail.

The good: My car radio is dead. Requiring thinking.

Let's leave it at that.

UPDATE AND P.S.: BEST OF LUCK TO RUNNER SUSAN, DAVID, DANNY and everyone else running NYC tomorrow! May the wind be always at your back.


21stCenturyMom said...

That IS a perfect week and now I feel perfectly lazy. Oh well. File that under 'the bad' and I'll try not to let it happen again.

You look like a triathlete in training - yay!

LBTEPA said...

There's nothing better than that feeling after a perfect training week :) It somehow (sometimes) wipes out all the other annoying crap that goes on.
Try and go to bed earlier though or you'll probably die.
Isn't your race in August? You'll be ready way before then and 21CMom will talk you into an earlier event, I bet!

IHateToast said...

so did you break your glasses in half half full or did you break your glasses in half half empty?