Saturday, November 17, 2007


OK, so maybe I'm not totally over my time addiction.

But you can blame the kind people at Timex IronMan iControl, who sent me this to review:

I had 8 miles on the schedule this morning, and I was hooking up with my 10-mile training group who are unofficially training for a half. Only their half—cleverly—is in March—2008. While mine is in three weeks. And next week, I am going to an exotic secret location—to be revealed later—where I somehow don't think I'll be doing any running.

So, let's do the math, cuz we know that's my strong point:
Week of November 18: Will run 4 on Monday, 4 on Wednesday, then travel to exotic secret location, returning Monday morning, November 26.

Week of November 26: Will do a 9-mile long run.

Week of December 2: Long run will be 13.1 miles.

I want to curl into the fetal position and suck my thumb.

Anyhoo, as I was saying, the Timex peeps sent me their iPod watch thing to test. I was running late this morning, and managed to get it out of the box but didn't have time to set up the iPod bit (yes, I know, that's the EASY part).

So I ran my 8 miles using their trusty watch. And I can report that the watch worked fine, but the buttons were a little unresponsive. Plus I couldn't figure out how to save my workout. Maybe it gets saved automagically?

The group was doing 6 miles today, and they were running along the C&O canal towpath, which is flat and pebbly. We met where the C&O towpath connects with my beloved Capital Crescent Trail. When I asked if anyone was up for the Crescent Trail, I was met with a round of "no's"—because the CCT is every so slightly uphill, all the way to its end, a million miles away in Silver Spring.

What to do?

I went with my instincts, and the group went with theirs. Yes, the CCT is uphill going out, but it's oh-so-gloriously downhill coming back.

I've been feeling good lately. Feeling strong. Eating well. Training every single day. Yet I woke up with a slightly upset stomach. By .5 miles into this I wanted to quit. My legs felt like lead. I was hot in the 41F cold. I cursed the day I started swimming. To get better at running, I asked myself, you need to do what again? Could the answer possibly be RUN???


5.5 miles of today's run was dedicated to Ryan Shay, so that got me through most of it. Steve Runner got me through the rest.

And the Timex Ironman iControl (full review to come!) got a workout. Thankfully I had no stomach issues on the run, and equally thankfully, I took wore the damn belt and carried my own water.

So here's the breakdown:
Mile 1: 11:20
2: 11:20
3: 11:07 (I always say it takes your body 3 miles before it realizes it's even out of bed)
4: 11:18
5: 11:25
6: 11:17
7: 11:22
8: 10:55

Total: 1:30

I was pleased because no bathroom issues, I didn't puke, and I only took two scheduled walk breaks. And I think maybe, just maybe, all my swimming, biking, and spinning are making me stronger.

And, I didn't quit. Even though I felt like it many, many times.

I did end up with Runner's Headache, a malady I have apparently invented, and spent a good part of the day sleeping. I think I have Excessive Exercise Syndrome (EES).

Anyone care to guess where I'm headed next week?


peter said...

Philly. Remember what W.C. Fields had to say about that town.

21stCenturyMom said...

I don't have any idea where you are going (Philly??) but I would love to know how you are the chosen one for product reviews. I would so do that! Think if I post about how much I am starting to hate my Garmin Timex will want to compete?

ps- nice splits! Very consistant

David said...

NOD World?

Send me the old watch when you get the next one to review. Do you get to review Mercedes too?

How do I get one of theses gigs?

jeanne said...

i do go places OTHER than philly, people! try, try again.

Rainmaker said...

I'm going to register a guess of 'the airport'. It's a safe guess, unless you drive - but I figure I'm destined to be right this way.

LBTEPA said...

Sorry, shouting again.
I'm always surprised how training every day creeps up on me in two ways - it's very very easy to get overtired so you have to manage that and your nutrition really carefully, and all of a sudden I'm really determined and much stronger than I expected. Fun, isn't it?

peter said...


Just12Finish said...

I'm impressed that you're in with the Timex people!