Friday, August 31, 2007

Last Night I Dropped a Lamp on My Head

In a sudden burst of energy, I decided to vacuum at 9 p.m. I was still strung out on Benadryl, cayenne pepper, Theraflu, and various other stuff designed to rid myself of the evil that is this cold.

My house is a little crowded these days. Which makes walking around difficult, never mind vacuuming! What came over me?!?

In a slo-mo-Rube-Goldberg-esque sequence, the vacuum got hung on a dining room chair, and flipped it over, knocking into a very heavy, and very unstable (it had a rough childhood), floor lamp, which then conked me right in the back of the head.

I saw stars.

Proving once more that housework is bad for you.

Thanks for all your kind comments. Sorry if I infected you. I can indeed recommend the cayenne-pepper gargle cure. It worked. Or else time and antibiotics worked. Take your pick!


LBTEPA said...

NOT THE PINK LAMP?? Is it ok? Are you ok? Your poor head :(
Of course housework is bad for you, Captain Obvious LOL.
BTW we have a clothesline becuase we have a back yard :)

Laufenweg said...

i'm laffing..but still..i'm glad it wasn't worse for you! ha.
like operating heavy machinery, house work should not be done whilst on drugs.

get better soon!

Juls said...

Now you just need a cure for your insomnia.

Laufenweg said...

now that i think about my last comment, sorry about the "drug" reference. clearly with the cayenne pepper cure, you are not on any major cold medication. :-)

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m said...

Thanks for this post. You made my morning.

I thought that stuff just happened to me.

a.maria said...

ok for real? i go to your site and its in russian, or some shit. so i can't read it.


David said...

BACK AWAY FROM THE FEATHER DUSTER!! and get back in bed. Sleep off that cold.

Thomas said...

But is the lamp ok?

Just12Finish said...

Hey, I just notived your new profile pic. Is that you?

Mark I. said...

good grief!!!