Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It's Wednesday, Do You Know Where My Run Is?

It's been averaging, oh high 100s since Saturday's debacle. I've only "run" once. Despite all my moaning and bitching, I don't skip runs. It's totally due to fear, not to any dedication or commitment, believe me (although I am dedicated AND committed. Honest. Or should be). But I awoke Monday at 5:30 to a dark dreary rainy humid hot morning and I just couldn't do it. I reset the clock for 7:30 and slept in!

A brilliant move since we all know how it cools down during the daytime.

I decided to try four miles at 5 p.m., and in another burst of brilliance (that really was smart) I left the watch home and decided to cover the four miles however I could. It was 99 F. Three miles in, I started walking, walked for 1/2 mile, then shuffled the last 1/2 mile back to work.

You know how they say once you get out there you'll be glad you did?

They are so wrong.

But as as my encouraging co-worker TallGirl said the next morning: "That's more than most people did!" Amen.

Tuesday was a "rest" day, seeing how I'd exerted myself so much on Monday. I also had to be at a conference downtown by noon, so the morning was spent trying to work, in between 25 phone calls from Number One Daughter, who was trying to wrap up her job, and get a second opinion on our car.

NOD and the BF were leaving on Wednesday (today) on an extended road trip to visit relatives in the Hamptons (hers not his) and then drive on to St. Catherine's, Ontario, site of the 125th Royal Canadian Henley this weekend in which BF is rowing. Only at the very last minute the organizers added heats on Friday, which BF hadn't planned on, which meant less time in the Hamptons, and, lots of ensuing complications and planning. Plus there were birthday presents to prepare for the cousin (a mix CD of goodbye songs for her semester abroad! all the songs had to be about leaving or traveling. Now that was FUN!) that we played around with til 1 a.m.

So the thing about staying up until 1 is, you don't much feel like getting up at 5:30 to run.

And we all know what happens when you skip a run.

The. End.

That's what happens.

This week so far:
It's too freakin' hot.
I ate too much crap at another conference.
My sleep is all outta whack.
I'm sick of running.
I spent $500 on car at the dealer, who didn't find a cracked casket (ha ha, i wrote CASKET instead of GASKET!) or anything other than a bunch of fluids needing replacing or flushing or whatever it is they do with fluids. Of course, after we picked up the car, it immediately started overheating.

I. Am. Very. Cranky.

But you know me by now: Cranky or not I have a job to do—I'm here to shine the spotlight of optimism on whatever little tidbits of joy there are in this worrisome world. To that end, I give you:

Happy Nixon Resigns Day!


Tom said...

You've got ample reasons to be a bit edgy. The running--we're all in the heat and humidity dumper, so it's understandable. Where would we be without Nixon's resignation...

Laurie said...

Shit happens. Running is not shit. Thus it did not happen. That is my backwards logic for you today!

Just12Finish said...

You should try calling up Car Talk on NPR. You'd have enough stories to fill up their entire hour, and then you can talk about your casket!

LBTEPA said...

Sounds NASTY.
maybe tomorrow can be 'that's it, I'm SO out the door at 06.00' day?
Hmmmm that just sounds a bit too perky.
What about 'I'm having a crappy week, might as well have a crappy run too' day?
Having low expectations means you're often pleasantly surprised :)
Or you could just declare this a week off 'cos you've been training consistently and it's hot and you've got a lot to do. You can talk to them about your spot on the team for Beijing later.

peter said...

I remember sipping G&Ts on a hot August night in an unairconditioned house watching the SOB give his whining resignation speech and being utterly gleeful. Never thought I'd see the day where I'd wish to see his kind back in power instead of the current crew until the current crew.

21stCenturyMom said...

$500 to figure out you need the fluids changed? I think you need to go back there with a big guy named Guido. Seriously - that is robbery. $500 should buy you at least 5 hours of labor and it does not take 5 hours to figure out your head gasket is okay and you need some coolant in the radiator. Complain - bitterly and toss in the name of the local consumer protection radio show.

If it's too hot to run than it is - 'nuff said.

I was in a laundromat in Amsterdam when Nixon resigned - it was such a relief. No more Nixon AND a backpack full of clean clothes. I was livin' large back then.

Susan said...

How do I love this? Let me count the ways.


I love it. I am feeling about the same way these days...

Bex said...

Your car needs to be put down. Damn those car mechanics, who can't seem to diagnose the right problem and fix it! I'm gnashing my teeth just thinking about it.

Phoenix said...

Its been HOT here too. Not running weather - give yourself a break!

I'm with Bex - take that car out in the field and shoot it. Put it (and you) out of its misery.

Vickie said...

I could have sworn that happened on August 9.

David said...

A friend stopped next door. When she was leaving, her car would not startp. AAA comes and declares the fuel pump is faulty. Friend declines tow to garage. Son comes to pick her up.

Today, friend's hubby to deal with it. Sits in car. Turns key. Car starts - no problem.

So shall I send him over?