Friday, December 02, 2005


I thought I'd collect all your great suggestions and put 'em in one place. So here's the rundown for cold-weather running gear, from the RBF (unofficial, of course, and in no order):

One More Mile
National Running Center
Title Nine Sports (love their Frog Bra!)
L.L. Bean
Goldman Brothers
Running Unlimited
Sierra Trading Post
What Nancy Will Be Wearing This Winter!
RNJ Discount Sports (think this is Maryland only.)

**Late adds:
I came home from work to these two catalogs:
Athleta and
Activa Sports (I guess if you put an "a" on the end of the word, it means "for girls.")

TJ Maxx/Marshall's/Ross, for tops.
And it's apparently all about Target!!
Oh, and Sears, and J.C. Penny's!
And I found some stuff on Overstock.

So now? I'm overwhelmed. I hate and detest shopping.

But I'm so here for all of you!

(And p.s. I do realize there are real problems in the world, and this is not one of them.)


aaron (air-run) said...

Just wanted to welcome you to the RBR. The RBR is now working well and you should be showing up all the time now. Have a great day and any more concerns, please email us.
(thats what it takes for a girl to get noticed)

a.maria said...

!!!!!! i love the p.s.

actually i finally drug my sorry ass to target last weekend and bought some shtuff. probably spent more than i should have, and didnt even find any good running pants, b/c hello, this ass, in long spandex pants?! NOT. SO. MUCH.

there was cottage cheese everywhere. i am not leaving the house looking like that. gross.

so. thanks for the links, i'll be checkin' em out shortly!