Saturday, December 03, 2005

Five Easy Pieces

So, my big giant 10K is next sunday.

Last Sunday I ran 3.5 miles, in 36:17 (10:22/mile).

Today, Saturday (in my spanking new running tights!), I jumped up my training run to 5 miles, and here's how how I did it, and I want to know what you—yes, I mean YOU!— think I should do (strategy-wise) next Sunday and yes I so know I am making a HUGE deal out of a little race but that's because I'm obviously insane.

Mile 1: 10:20 (I was trying not to go fast at all, but it's all slightly downhill )
Mile 2: 10:26
Mile 3: 10:38
Mile 4: 11:08 (slightly uphill rest of the way)
Mile 5: walk 3:45—I tried to only walk for 30 seconds (that was Nancy Toby's suggestion (and congrats Nancy on the PR on your 1/2 marathon!!)—and I can safely say that I can forget the 30 second break as a strategy)
Rest of mile 5 (running again) 8:36
(so total was 12:21)

Total time: 54:56 (10:59/mile)

What do you think? I've NEVER run 6.2 miles in my life. And today was I think the second time I've ever run five miles! (The last time was last summer, once, in some kind of daze.)

Why must I always make such a big deal out of these things? I really wish I knew. But meanwhile, while I go get psychoanalyzed, one of you coaches out there, please help me out with a race day strategy!


21st Century Mom said...

Good job! You are increasing your distance nicely.

You are so funny asking us for a strategy when we already gave you one. It hasn't changed a bit. You need to adhere to a negative split plan. Go out at about a 10:45 pace and try to speed up a little at the end. Your over all time will be about 10:30 or so.

Keep on keepin' on - you are doing great!

jeanne said...

Yeah, I thought I remembered writing those words before.

Funny? Funny peculiar you mean!

Just skip on over to a sane person's blog!!

And thanks :)

susie said...

Blogger likes me again. So I was going to make a big deal out of it because it IS a big deal. But 5 is nearly 6, and you will put one foot in front of the other and finish just fine. Really. That's the strategy. Not stop until you cross the finish line. And you will feel amazing.

The Running Red Sox Fan said...

Ditto on Susie's remark.

Strategy?? There's a strategy to running?? My strategy has always been to just keep running. Nothing fancy foot in front of the other seems to work for me.
You are going to Rock this 10K....Relax!!

a.maria said...

i'm with 21st.... aim for a negative split. take it easy in the first few miles, get warmed up, so that when you near the end, you'll have something left and you'll be able to finish strong.

thats what its all about. finishing strong. you can DOOOOO it!