Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nothin' But Fun

Last night was the annual Christmas Light Run (pictures will be posted there, some day, and i'm sure i'll figure prominently) where I met up with Nancy, Holly (it turns out Holly and I have run many times together, apart) and *Jeanne*. I drove down with Bex, who later, at the bar, was busy matchmaking (thanks!). Also my work colleagues A., and C., and A's wife, joined in the running frenzy.

Colleague C. with startlingly strange expression on face

It was a nice sized crowd. A few hundred crazy people. It was very cool. No, not cool. Freezing. No, below freezing. But funny, all of a sudden, after mile .5, it was blazing HOT.

We ran from the beautifully decked out Union Station

Union Station, Christmas 2005

past the Capitol Christmas Tree (oh just imagine it, don't make me go find a photo ... it looks like a ... great big Christmas tree, ok?)

down to the White House Christmas tree

Ellipse, 2005
where we stopped to be filmed by local TV station WUSA (channel 9), while we carolled, and I jostled for a place up front because I am apparently a sad pathetic publicity hound.

We ran past the National Museum of Art's skating rink

This is pretty much what it looked like. Honest. Remember, I was running at the time.

and startled many a poor pedestrian as a swarm of crazed, singing runners suddenly rounding corners descended upon them. No fatalities (that I know of) occurred. And 4.5 miles flew by. The thought of a lovely Irish coffee awaiting at Kelly's Irish Times was a nice carrot. (But "sorry, mum, no decaf," meant I was up til 1:30 a.m.; which is why I barely know my name today). Who knew running could be so darn much fun.


a.maria said...

hey, how jealous am i?

"I am apparently a sad pathetic publicity hound. "

no way... you too?!


susie said...

How much fun was that? So cool!! Ok, I'm heading down your way Dec. 27. No the 28. What are you doing that weekend? Want to run? Or at least have an Irish Coffee??

David said...

what a fun time. that's fun running alright. i wish i could have been there. the rink shot is amazing. people look so old!??!

nancytoby said...

Fabulous photos! And yeah, the skating rink looked *exactly* like that!!!

Simba's Mom said...

Sounds like so much fun! I thought about you today because as I walked by one of the downtown office buildings, I saw a group of bell ringers performing inside!

Bex said...

Great photos! Though C. looks demonic (but in a friendly sort of way). I don't even recall you running with a camera.

Hey, did you happen to see us on the local news? I missed it. In fact, I'm not even sure which local channel videotaped us.

Noames said...

ooh, sounds like fun. Sorry I couldn't make it. But I had an excellent 7 mile run that night, so I'm not complaining. (Yes I am. Stupid marathon. Stupid training).

Susan said...

how fun, What beautiful pictures.

*jeanne* said...

It WAS fun, and it didn't feel ANYWHERE like it was nearly 4.5 miles! Must have been all those carrolling breaks we took! :-)

21st Century Mom said...

Running and Irish Coffee - now THAT's Holiday Spirit.

Rae said...

How fun! That sounds like a beautiful tour of all the DC Christmas decorations, what a blast!!