Saturday, December 03, 2005

There's Good, There's Bad

Bad: Yesterday, while I was minding my business at work, someone decided to take a baseball bat and smash my car window in, and that of my colleague. I got off lightly; just a broken window. Colleague had his luggage taken (he was leaving work early for a trip to Memphis, which is how he discovered the vandalism), his radio stolen, and two smashed-in windows.

But the cops got a print off my colleague's hazard-light button, which the vandals apparently turned on. Because they are not so bright. So, this could also be good.

Bad: Apparently, we should no longer park in the secret, free parking lot we park in, the scene of the crime. Which is infuriating because monthly parking is like $90.

Good: Glass man came by my apartment this morning to fix my window, and it only cost me $100. Of course, this may also end up under Bad when my insurance company (ALLSTATE? Please???) cancels me.

Bad: Which meant I had to miss "silent day" (yep, I'm all about silence) at church today, in exchange for mad day sitting around waiting for glass man.

Good: Glass man showed up on time.

Bad: Glass man could barely speak English, and was dressed for a warm summer day. It's 24 degrees F.

Bad: He had to work outside.

Bad: I was annoyed that he couldn't speak English. At first.

Good: I gave him a hat and gloves. He was very thankful.

Really good: He asked me where I was from. I said Connecticut. He said I sounded European. He said I sounded ... English. (This is high praise to an Anglophile. And obviously, not the least bit true.)

Bad: I asked him where he was from. He said, "Kurdistan." (That's northern Iraq.) Very recent immigrant. My heart broke.

Good: I have a working car window again.

Really, amazingly, incredibly GOOD: A friend of the family's wrote to Number One Daughter yesterday and told her he and his mother were giving her $5,000 toward her tuition. Just because. You have no freakin' idea on earth just how good this is.

There's Good, There's Bad. Wait long enough and one or the other will show up.


Running Chick said...

great thing about's all about balance. one way or another, everything works itself out.

Bex said...

I'm glad your window is fixed - it's cold out there! And the glass guy seems like a nice guy, although he really needs to buy some winter clothes. Also - great news on NOD's tuition!

Hey, what are you doing next Wed? I just found out about the Christmas Light Run ( It's a free run (NOT a race), and we meet at Union Station and run to the Ellipse, where we stop and sing carols. Then we run back to Union Station and go to an Irish bar nearby and drink black and tans. I'll blog about it, but wanted this to get to you asap - I invited P., who says he will be there (!!). The run starts at 7 p.m. Wear your Santa hat.

nancytoby said...

Oh yeah, the other jeanne and I are doing the Christmas Light Run! Cool!!!

jeanne said...

me too! I feel an RBF meet up coming!

Rae said...

Wow, sorry to hear about your car but glad everything in your life is balancing out properly. At least it was an easy fix! Happy Running!

a.maria said...


but see, without the bad, the good wouldn't be good, it'd just BE. and what kind of fun is that?!

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