Saturday, December 24, 2005

Paging Norman Rockwell

(Is it me, or is that vid screwing up my blog?!?! It works fine on the pc, but on my little powerbook at home, it's freezing up every browser I try. Sucks, because it's the perfect song.)

So, here it is Christmas Eve, and I am up to my ears in balled up tissues. My eyes are scratchy, my throat hurts, my nose is running, I'm sneezing my head off. (Thanks for the tip for Airborn, everyone. I got it, in several versions. Not doing so much good though.) I haven't sent a single Christmas card, and I have to go to the mall today. I hate going to the mall with an all-consuming passion when I feel good, so this is like triple torture. I gave Number One Daughter a credit card and told her she'd have to buy her own Christmas presents this year. Oh, now that's sad and bad!! (Would be worse if I didn't have a credit card, though.)

Norman Rockwell, where are you when I need you?

Last night NOD and I made our traditional journey to the Kennedy Center to see the Messiah sing-along. This is not your usual Messiah sing-along that everyone and their mother stages. It's a concert hall filled with 3,000 people, all of them clutching the score to the Messiah, and all of them able to sing every single note. It's like surround sound. Awesome. Every year we drag someone different with us. So far, no one has loved it as much as I do. I told NOD last night that the person who does love it as much as I do will be the one. Oooh, mystical.

I didn't run at all this week. Fear of my ITB (jeanne, see song below), which hurts now when I walk. But I did manage the recumbent bike and the elliptical four days last week. And hey, I read a lot about other people running!! I know I will have to start all over again with $#!#@!^$# running, but I've done that before. So it's all good, because it's all about the journey, right? RIGHT??

Merry Christmas!


Black Knight said...

Ciao, sorry for your little healt problems. Please take care and don't be in hurry to come back to run. Rest until the day you are sure your body is ready to begin again. Merry Christmas

*jeanne* said...

Merry Christmas!

And yes, it IS all about the JOURNEY.


susie said...

I'm so glad you mentioned starting all over again. Because you know, that's what we're good at! And it's not a problem. Merry Christmas!

Rae said...

Sorry you're a little under the weather! Hopefully you'll be back soon!! It seems like everyone gets sick this time of year. I'm finally over my cold and Brent picked up a stomach thing a few days ago! GRRR!!

Have a very merry Christmas!!! I think letting your daughters buy their gifts is a GREAT idea! There will be no complaining about what they end up with or returning things tomorrow!

Running Chick said...

Did you ever notice that when your journey is 'easy' there's no sense of 'OH MY GOD I'M SO GLAD TO BE HERE!" when you finally arrive at your destination?

So yes, the journey helps one truly appreciate the destination. =)

a.maria said...


man, hope you're feeling better, being sick on christmas is the worst!

(as if you didnt already know that. dont you love when people point out the obvious?! yeah... me too!)


Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Being sick for the holidays sucks. Hope you are feeling better today.