Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Capital Crescent Trail, 10 a.m., Dec. 6, 2005
(Photos courtesy Sevans)

This is what awaited me this morning (only it was solidly covered with fluffy snow at 7 a.m., overlaying deadly patches of ice).

I'm from Connecticut, via Boston. Over the years, I have learned to tune out completely whenever our local D.C. weatherpeople mention the word "snow," which I believe they use synonomously with "rain" or "really cold" or "cloudy" or "Safeway is having a sale. Go now and buy milk."

But this morning it actually happened. And it was my first chance to try running in the snow, with my nifty new SportHill InFuzion Zone Three Running Pants (for temps from 0 degrees F to 40 degrees F), and their cousin the jaunty Sporthill Infuzion Hat (color="wintersky"):

With my ZONE three pants and that cute little hat, I was looking good.

But wait, something was missing.

Ah, I needed coverage from waist to neck! So, I put on my LLBean "Silk Pointelle Camisole," topped with my long-sleeved dri-max spring/fall top, covered by an old ski turtleneck shirt, covered by ... by my totally GHETTO green/gray puke colored sweatshirt that my daughter FOUND somewhere.

A final touch? The $2 throwaway gloves I bought for the marathon (and cleverly saved).

Thus sartorially decked, I set out.

10 a.m., after much of the snow had melted.

I was toasty warm.

And ... it was bliss. Utter, utter bliss.

I ran the path in its virginal state, hearing nothing but the crunch of my shoes and my own labored breathing.

(Susan, you didn't tell us how when the wind blows, the snow flutters off the pine trees to the ground, causing a momentary whiteout. I held my head up and caught the snowflakes on my face.)

It was silent. And white. And lovely. And I ran my three miles slowly, and I didn't care.


Kim said...

As much as I don't miss the snow...that run does sound heavenly. There is something magical about the peace that snow brings.

susie said...

That's because you said it oh, so much better than I could have:) Lovely. And cute hat, too!!

Lara said...

Beautiful!! That sounds like such a wonderful run!

m said...

I'm in total agreement of your summary of DC weatherpeople. Up here the news programs shows people shoveling their driveway when there is 1/4" of snow on it.

Anyhow after reading your post I want to:

a. Buy more wicky clothing
b. Run in the snow
c. Look for trails that look half as nice as where you run
d. leave my IPOD at home when I do b.

Awesome post

Noames said...

Lovely post (and HA re: the DC weather people, and also the native Washingtonians, because they are such wimps!).

psbowe said...

Look at you braving the snow! Nothing wrong with slow running! Great job.

Tammy said...

Why do I feel like I'm in a commercial? haha. Cute hat! I wore a new hat today as well. It was the Pearl Izumi hat with the hole for your pony tail in the top :) Stylin'!

Niiiiiice photo!

Running Chick said...

Snow running. Simply perfect!

21st Century Mom said...

Lovely! Makes me feel like a real wimp for not going out running when there is frost on my car. But this California and alas, my blood has run thin since I moved here from ..... drumbeat....well I moved here from Mass. but I USED to live in CT.

I think we really are long lost siters. I'm pretty sure of that.

a.maria said...

awww, thats awesome. i've yet to venture out into the snow (mostly because it didnt snow here until this week....while i was in NY. oh and ummm, i still dont have running pants!) but that sounds divine.

David said...

You might be our best dressed runner of the week. Nice sounding outfit. The took hat is a great color too.

Rae said...

Beautiful pics!! I love the hat, too!! I'm so jealous, it only gets cold here. The snow ALWAYS misses us.