Friday, July 01, 2005

Welcome to Your Weekly Friday Freakout

Or as Naomi so endearingly called it, Paralyzing Friday Fear.

I missed my Thursday cross train yesterday. I am so freakin' afraid to do anything that is Not on the Schedule. And said schedule reads: "Run 30-45 minutes Monday and Wednesday, cross train Tuesday and Thursday, rest Friday." Right, and no problem.

Except last week I missed Thursday's cross train (see Thursday freak-out below) and was afraid to Break the Rest Day Rule and do it on Friday. This week, hello, I missed it again. Only this morning, a Friday—rest day, please note—I said to myself, "the gods be damned," (please also note: little "g"), went wild, and did my x-training anyway.

Thirty elliptical minutes this a.m. Which is an interesting turn of phrase (ha ha).

So, for the record, please (and I do beg your indulgence here) once more note: I am taking an enormous risk by Not Following the Schedule. And we'll just pretend this is a little experiment in whether or not Jeanne is insane by being So Afraid to Not Follow the Schedule. (I could make Nazi references here, but will refrain, in the interest of good taste.)

Tomorrow is a short run of only six miles. So perhaps this is not the best test, but it gives you a glimpse into my own personal episode of "Fear Factor."

I really need to lighten up a bit, doncha think?


Susan said...

You know it's funny about schedules: I've never been *on* one I just run however I feel that day. Hey, maybe that's my problem!

Noames said...

Hee! There is always something. Every week I told myself that there would be no reason to freak out the next week, but THIS week, well I had clearly screwed EVERYTHING up by, I don't know, parting my hair on the wrong side, and it was going to unbalance me while I ran, and I was going to injure myself, and never be able to run a marathon.

I think if you follow the schedule as a rule, and sometimes break the rules, you'll be good. And when the Saturday run is short, like this week, then you're especially allowed to break the rules.

That's my oh-so-wise wisdom. Which I actually just typed wisdoom, by mistake, which might have actually been more accurate. Good luck! I'm sure it went fabulously!

jeanne said...

yes, yes, oh a weary yes. I do believe I am taking the Schedule a wee bit too seriously. And, tra-la, Friday x-cross before short run did not result in any adverse affects—except see above, a few little law-enforcement problems. But those are likely unrelated to any training readjustments, just, well, due to the usual vagaries of running thru life with little black cloud over head.

and susan, you are other-wordly. no Schedule? none?
I'm not ... following ... does not compute ... computer cannot process ... shutting down ...

jeanne said...

and noames, of course you are right. and sigh, i meant to say x-train. not x-cross. Is running really good for you?

wisdoom indeed.

Jen Z said...

Hey there! Just discovered your blog, through Naomi. I'm training for the Dublin Marathon through the National AIDS Marathon program (out of San Francisco), so I'm on the same schedule you are! I actually trained for Honolulu last year (but then didn't get to run it because I broke a bone), so this year I'm feeling a little more confident and a little less of a slave to The Schedule. :) I wish you all the best with your running!