Friday, July 08, 2005

Freaky Fridays ...

Ok, I just had to post tonight because...because...I'm superstitious? Dunno. But I DID need to get into print, before I forget it, that I ran four miles yesterday in 45:46, which is faster than Monday. And Monday was faster than last Wednesday, which was faster than last Monday.

So, I don't know what is going on, but it is freaky. And believe me, I am not doing anything fast tomorrow morning, including driving to training at the ungodly hour of 6 a.m. (see cost of running post below). I mean 6 a.m. is just evil, even if it is for our own good (to beat the heat). I plan a nice sloooow 14 min/mile pace.

All the reading I've done this week has got me convinced. And read I did: so many blogs, so little time! So many runner's world articles, so little time! So I read over and over that slow is the way for long runs.

The column I liked the best, I stumbled over quite accidentally, and then had to read all 100+ installments of, is this:
No Need for Speed. Now, that's my kinda runner.

I'm totally convinced that if I keep my long runs nice and slow, the way I've been blessed to be doing, ably assisted by the Divine Miss M., all will be well come Oct. 30. (Not that I could run faster on long runs if I wanted to. But by golly, I'm gonna choose not to!)

So everything is all laid out. The only potential freaking-out wrinkle tonight is: I bought new running bras and I'm going to wear one tomorrow. My old ones were ooooolllllddd (boys avert your eyes, this is so not sexy)—like eight years old! They were gross, but they did the job. Except, they didn't do the wicking job. So, I just bought three new ones from Title Nine and I tried one on the elliptical today (well, on me on the elliptical today), and i'm not 100 percent sure it will keep the girls in place, but i'm going to try it, yeah, tomorrow on my 14 mile run.

Sounds like a brilliant plan, no?

Maybe the girls will write the next post. From the hospital.


a.maria said...

hey.. i'm totally having a friday freak out of my own, so i'll be thinking of you tomorrow when i'm out there!! good luck/have fun!

David said...

14 miles of slow agonizing joy. You're fast; you just do not realize it yet. In a month you'll be amazed at how slow you used to be.

jeanne said...

a.maria, freak out continued right thru the run...
and david, how did you know that that was exactly what I needed to hear today?!?!
thanks, guys!

BigRedYamaha said...

"Your running may be one of the only areas of your life where you're fully free to decide how you want to feel about what you're doing. Your running may be your one chance to feel really good about something you've decided to do." I agree with the Penguin. Outrun your Gremlim girl! Keep it up.