Thursday, July 21, 2005

Optional?? What Means Optional???

So, we get a weekly uplifting e-mail from the D.C. National Aids Marathon Program training rep, giving details and reminders about the upcoming weekly run, along with motivational stuff, fundraising and running tips, and etc.

I really look forward to these e-mails because they are funny and fun and motivational and make me feel part of a group, and part of a bigger purpose in life. So, I like live for these e-mails!

This week's run, on Saturday, is 16 miles—16 long, hot, miles, but not really any hotter than any other Saturday. In fact, by 9 a.m. it's supposed to feel like 83°F. Which in this town? That's tepid, balmy, practically lukewarm for July.

But today's weekly e-mail had these very odd words in it:

It looks like it is going to be a hot one this weekend.
(Ed.'s note: Duh.)
Because of the potentially high heat and humidity, we are making this weekend’s run optional. If you don’t feel like you should be running in the high heat/humidity this weekend, then please don’t push yourself.


Come again?

"Don't push yourself??"

"If you don't feel like it??"

"This week's run is optional??"

I don't even know where to begin with this. Yeah, I know they are only concerned about our safety, but come on! I have enough problems being motivated without my coaches telling me things are optional.

And it's not like I can't do enough freaking out about long runs on my own. Now I have my coaches painting a picture of heat stroke and heart attacks and other dire outcomes for me.

This is a slippery slope, my friends.

And speaking of slippery (this is related, stay with me here), after having had a relatively sugar-free house for several months, ice cream made its way into my freezer, all because of NOD having her wisdom teeth out last week, after which she was told she couldn't eat anything but soft foods, and she was soooo sad, I had to run out and buy her all kinds of high-fat content ice cream, which I was certain I could safely ignore the presence of. In my freezer.

Um, not so much, it turns out, since I just downed a few bowls of ben and jerry' yuuuum! And I'm positive that that has nothing whatsoever to do with evil e-mail from running people.

To that e-mail, I have this to say: Am now putting hands over ears and la-la-la-ing, and ha ha I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!


j said...

I think you're just hoping that if you collapse during your SIXTEEN MILE RUN, you won't have to do this any more.

jeanne said...

That's entirely possible. Though, honestly? I'm not in the mood to die this weekend. But really, when an i ever gonna feel like running 16 miles...not if it was snowing out.

Stephanie said...

You can do it, just take it slow and hydrate. If you have a slow time, DON'T WORRY! It was HOT. It will not be that hot in October, so you are fine. I am only running 8-10 miles, so I will be thinking about you.

About your ice cream. I, who just snarfed a Krispy Creme Donut moments ago, would advise you not to feel guilty about eating anything fattening or sugary seeing as how you are RUNNING 16 MILES tomorrow. That is all.

jeanne said...

Stephanie: I like the way you think! I also plan on throwing buckets of water over my head as needed!

a.maria said...

ohhh, i'm with you. 14 miles tomorrow, at 6am, when the temperature is projected to be 79, feeling like 83... heh. if i dont die, no matter what my time, i'm calling the run a success!

(and as per our friday ritual here at the office, i just ate an amazingly greasy/fatty delicious breakfast... when asked about the unhealthy factor, i simply replied, "i'm running fourteen miles tomorrow. i'll eat whatever i darn well please today".. so, no guilt. just consider it fuel for the body!)

oulurock said...

Hey, every run you've done so far has been optional and you've chosen to do them. I don't think you'll start skipping them now... Have fun, I'll be looking forward to the report. ;)

jeanne said...

Oulurock (wow that's hard to spell), point, match! Can't argue with that line of reasoning! And anyway, I have to go bcs it's On the Schedule!!

David said...

Sounds to me like a crisp cool day in DC compared to what some of us have to deal with. Come on down here where the low is maybe 79.
Hopefully you are well hydrated already. Allow 24 hours for the bod to soak it all up.
You'll be awesome. 14 miles? That's awesome. I've never gone that far.

jeanne said...

ooooh, the battle of the climates begins!

D.C.'s latest accuweather: by 6 a.m. tomorrow will feel like 81, with humidity at ... 79 percent... lord have mercy!

but what am i talking about? I must be looking at the wrong city... cuz i'm pretty sure our local weathergal talked about flurries ....

NODB's Mom said...

Number Two Son is right about your blog - great reading and I can finally catch up with you (metaphorically speaking that is). Maybe next week (or maybe late Sept. when DC starts to breathe again), I'll try to WALK four miles. We can go together and you can run back and forth a few times and get in at least 16 miles by the time I finish.

p.s. There is a marathon for stroke research too.

So, maybe next year...