Friday, July 15, 2005

And That's a Wrap!

Beautiful, lovely Fridays. Fridays are rest days! No training! Not if you begged me, because it's just not allowed.

And today is extra special because NOD is having her wisdom teeth out, so I had to stay home from work, too. Darn. While NOD is sleeping it off this afternoon, I will sit on the porch, read, and doze, because I am in training people, and resting is my job.

Today's rest will ensure that I kill tomorrow night's 8K, or rather, 4.970969536-mile race, my very first. I have never run more than four miles before without walking, but geeze, what's a measly .970969536th of a mile? I'm gonna kick that .970969536th of a mile's ass.

So I'm looking forward to this race, mostly, let's admit it, so I can brag and blog about it the next day. I'm sure there will be zany hijinks to relate, and the usual thrills, spills, and chills, with our heroine bagging a medal, or two.

Or not.

Cuz my stomach is already starting to hurt from thinking about it. Because I'm already getting my knickers in a twist about not having a strategy, and from staying up late reading McMillan Running, which has a lot, no really, a LOT, of info, about running—stuff like VO2, and sub-9 min. miles, lactate (not lactation—whole different thing), and breathing, and other important running stuff like this:

That orange line? I'm not sure, but I think it means the longer you run, the more likely you are to croak.

I think I'll just run it, and see what happens.


Lara said...

8K is a nice distance, you'll do great! Mostly - have fun!!!

Wil said...

LOL!! I cracked up at "I'm gonna kick that .970969536th of a mile's ass." Yeah!!! Have a great race, get some sleep and stay pumped!!! I can't wait to read all about it!

Susan said...

Yup, those charts drive me crazy. But I think I need to study them...I must be missing something:) good luck tomorrow!

Stephanie said...

Woah, I'm glad you are reading that book and can report the reader's digest version to us because it would overwhelm me. In other news, good luck with your race, which I'm sure is already over. And report back soon.

Bex said...

So how'd you do?! Did you kick some major ass?! I bet you did.

jeanne said...

got home about 1 hour was great! thunderstorms, rain, lightning, very biblical. I was running with two jackrabbits.. they held back for me, but they went fast anyway! I had to walk twice, so they went on ahead and then... oh you'll just have to wait for the whole recap, ladies!