Saturday, July 02, 2005

Running Adds Up in More Ways Than One

  • Body glide, $2.95: check

  • New cool max top: $15: check

  • Collection of non-blistering socks: $25: check

  • New running shoes: $80: check

  • Gu, and more gu: $10: check

  • Whey protein, for homemade smoothies: $10: check

  • Contribution to my group for awesome food brought to training site last week, to which effort I contributed nothing: $5: check

  • Car registration up on June 30, today is July 2, hello! ticket: $100: check
    (and btw, did you know that you can be arrested driving with expired registration? oh yes, you can, but lovely officer chose not to do so, thank you thank you!)

  • Speeding ticket on way to this morning's 6-mile training run (going 45 in a 25 mph zone—the car, not me, personally), 6:45 a.m., in front of Washington Monument, that symbol of liberty, truth, and hope: $100: check

  • Number of fruitless hours spent turning office inside out trying to find registration renewal info: 3: check

  • Number of fruitless hours at home doing same: 5: check

  • Number of hours spent trying to pay registration online at Maryland's Department of Motor Vehicles: 2, on and off, because ONLINE REGISTRATION SYSTEM IS CONVENIENTLY BROKEN during July 4 holiday: check

  • Number of hours spent trying to decide if venturing out again in car is worth the risk: 0 (know answer, except had to get hair dyed today): check

  • Ran 6.5 miles by accident, instead of six, because we weren't paying attention (which is actually kinda cool): check

  • Life apparently out of control: check

Over and out.


Man said...

Any links or pics of those $25 socks.

jeanne said...

There. Now that's clarified!

Stephanie said...

This post makes me sad because it's so true. I'm sorry you got a ticket too.

Susan said...

Geesh. You've had a this week ought to be better, right?

jeanne said...

Man! I didn't mean to bum everyone out--I thought the part about venturing out to get my hair dyed would at least elicit a chuckle...!

The DMV's online renewal is still down, and of course, their phone is busy, and naturally I could not bear to go there in person this morning. So car is parked safely inside a garage, and I will hold my breath all the way home tonight... Next post will be much more fun, I promise!

ali said...

I would gamble jail time to get my hair dyed too!

jeanne said...

and yikes, those are supposed to be cute little 'check' marks after each entry, only in i.e. they render as empty boxes, and in firefox, as question marks. No wonder i've been getting so many funny looks....

j said...

Wow. I didn't know it was possible to get pulled over in DC for anything! Now parking tickets, that's another matter entirely. What is this city coming to?

And I'm glad you got your priorities straight. Getting hair dyed FAR more important than registering car. Worth jail time even. So did it come out well (the hair, that is, not the jail time)?

jeanne said...

Hair: lovely. And it came to another round number: $100. that seems to be the going rate for everything these days; speeding tickets, expired plates, parking tickets that double...

am all legal now, thank you. broke, but legal. with fab hair.

j said...

And what is this gu of which you speak? It sounds ghastly. Has it replaced your donettes? Think of the savings there!