Monday, March 02, 2009

22 Miles and a Rant

That was my run total for last week. Not too shabby. I got there doing 5 miles on the track, 5 mile tempo on the dreadmill, and 12 long bloody miles on the Capital Crescent Trail on Saturday.

I'm cranky. I'm cranky and crabby. I have too much to do. I have an endless loop in my head of crap that needs to be taken care of and it's getting on my last nerve. Maybe if I write it all (or most) down here (you lucky people!), I'll feel better.

My kitchen is a disaster. The wood floor has come up in places. One drawer completely fell apart. We stripped all the wallpaper three months ago and it's been like that ever since.

So I had to hire a guy to repair the kitchen. I found someone with good references and he came Saturday and now I'm waiting for his estimate. Except his estimate depends on all this other stuff. It's not like I have a big kitchen. It's not like I want to do anything elaborate. Why oh why can't I live in Russia where you get one kitchen and you learn to love it?!?!

But no. I get to Make Decisions on all kitchen stuff. I suck at making decisions. Like counters: laminate? or corian? I have about 3 feet of counter space. But I don't want to spend a lot because the plan is to rent this place out and move when Number One Daughter leaves. But laminate is so crappy and it doesn't hold up. But if I install Corian, am I overimproving?

Meanwhile, everyday my condo's market value drops. Sigh.

Then I have to decide about the kitchen floor: vinyl, right? and the kitchen guy says buy vinyl tiles. But what color? And what kind?

Cabinets: I have 8 cabinets in my enormous kitchen, all made out of papier-mâché and should probably be replaced. But kitchen guy gave me three options: paint, replace doors, or buy new cabinets.

How the hell do I know??! Plus I have to pick out colors. For EVERYTHING.

Most women love this stuff, right? Am I missing a gene? Am i a MAN?!?!

So last Thursday, I'm sitting on my couch, minding my own business breathlessly awaiting Top Chef finale when it starts RAINING IN MY BATHROOM. Yes, again, the upstairs neighbors have a leak in their bathroom. This is the third time. I had to clean the mess, call the condo office, then call the owner (he doesn't live there, he lets his maid and her 25 bongo- and karaoke-playing relatives live there), and schedule contractors to replace the ceiling.

Last night those same neighbors had sex. Ask me how I know this??!

Find a swim coach.

Do Something About Biking. I bought a crappy broken $30 bike trainer which I've yet to use. So I'm going to a crappy spin class. I should drag my bike to the bike store and go to a REAL spin class. But I can't get my act together.

Decide what tris I'm going to do and SIGN UP.

Do my freakin' taxes!!

Sort bills. Please please sort them out, I'm begging you.

Send dresses back to E. who sent them to me for possible use at The Ball. I have had the box at work next to my desk since JANUARY 20!

While you're at it, CLEAN YOUR DESK. PLEASE!

Submit various bills to insurance company.

Answer that guy who wrote you on You can totally do this!

Sign up for writing class. Start. Writing.

Start feeling bad now about Number One Daughter moving out in May. Why wait?

Start looking for new place to live. But put that on hold until you fix kitchen and bathroom ceiling....



Anonymous said...

The state of the art in counter tops is good old Formica. Really! Right after I went for the Corian a friend got Formica at half the price and it looks and wears just the same. Limit yourself to Home Depot. They will do the measurements and installation and they absolutely guarantee everything! HD will do a great floor too. I'd go with a black and white. OK, kitchen's done. NOW, ANSWER THAT MATCH. GUY!

ShirleyPerly said...

I too must be missing a gene when it comes to figuring out that kitchen and home decorating stuff. Too many choices and not enough money to have someone make all the decisions for you ...

Good luck with it all and with that guy. I know a few people who've met their spouses via an online dating service.

LBTEPA said...


Kelly said...

Here is MY rant for the evening... I hate when I'm reading through my google reader and I'm halfway through someone's post, and I suddenly realize that is is NOT who I thought I was reading! Everyone's blog names are just WAY too similar.

Good luck with the color-choosing and sex-listening!

Petraruns said...

Wow. 25 people having sex and playing bongos and singing karaoke must have kept you awake for some time. 26 I guess which keeps the configuration manageable - or does it? Anyway enough time walking down this side track.

Ok. You have your list.
1. Do what Eileen says about your kitchen. Just do it. Don't think any more about it. YOu can't live with it as it is, you can't rent it out as it is so Just Do It.
2. 30 minute blocks. Do 3 of the things on the list that take less than 30 mins. Box up the dresses and SEND off. Do as many bills / insurance crap as you can do in 30 minutes.
3. Exercise. Again. DO it. Take bike to shop morning after doing 90 mins of above jobs. Spend 30 minutes online checking out tris and pick one. Sign up. Put the training plan in your diary.
4. DON'T FEEL BAD ABOUT DAUGHTER LEAVING HOME. It means you've done your job right if she can fly the nest. This is your job big mommy bird!
5. Write. For 30 minutes. Anything. For yourself.

And be nice to yourself. Like yourself. YOu're great and doing fine and WE ALL FEEL LIKE THIS sometimes. Big hug.

Jack said...

Hang in there, we all have days like that. The best is lace up your running shoes and get some fresh air. Then go home and start working on the list. Like a marathon, you have to take the tasks one mile at a time, don't think about how far you have to go, just concentrate on the task at hand.

Calyx Meredith said...

I get overwhelmed in exactly the same way! I think what Eileen and Petraruns said are spot on. Sometimes getting even one thing off the list makes the rest seem more manageable (or at least makes the stupid effing loop inside your head be quiet for a moment.) Pick a small discreet thing and focus only on that. You know, if that doesn't (sound like it it will) work, then another approach is to table EVERYTHING for two (and only two) days. It is amazing sometimes what brain chemistry changes can happen in 48 hours that make things more accomplishable! (<--Pretty sure that's a word.) GOOD LUCK!

(And? If I had your list and only had to do one thing from it today - it would SO be signing up for a writing class. Woo hoo!!)

Runner Susan said...

good grief Jeanne. You had to go and mention taxes.

Mike Antonucci said...

Your comic timing is unmatched. I read all the way to the end and was completely unprepared for the "Labels." Now I have clean the coffee off my monitor.

Sunshine said...

I hate adding to the agony.. but vinyl out-gasses. I really don't know how bad it is.. maybe if you spend most of your time out running.. and move soon... !
Check it out on the internet.
And most of all, take care of yourself by not being there anytime you can smell glue.
Deepest best wishes on all fronts.

21stCenturyMom said...

You need to add one to your list- sue the bastard who owns the palce upstairs. Find some dirty ambulence chaser and have him or her do it on contingency. You have had this issue for far, far, too long it has caused you needless suffering. He has money. A rich person, even an attorney, is suable.

Next - pick 2 simple things and get them done. I would pick - clean desk and pay bills. That's 2 to cross off the list and it will make you feel better.

Third - forget about the writing class right now - and the better spin class. You have enough on your plate. Just chill out and pick a race far enough into the summer that you have time to train.

4 - Black and White vinyl tiles and white cabinets. Laminate countertop. Pick your favorite color - anything goes with black and white. This is going to be a rental - keep it cheap. The other option is Pergo on the floor. Cheap and durable.

There - feel better?

Dori said...

Geez, Jeanne, don't ever build a house. Actually, I feel your pain; I've been there. It will pass.

Isn't writing a post, um, writing?

Dori said...

BTW, good job on your 12 miler! :-)

Rainmaker said... ehh?

As for the trainer...time to just get on!

Xena said...

Go cheap on the kitchen.

And you ARE writing. I'm reading and thus you are writing.

New thing to list: sign up for HIP.

David said...

You need a Mrs. T intervention for the house. Send air fare and I'll send her up.

Submit insurance bills. That is MONEY, honey.

Stop listening to the neighbors. Turn up the TV.