Wednesday, March 04, 2009

So Not a Good Idea

For a decaffeinated vegetarian who gave up sugar for Lent... to do a hard 6-mile track workout after work, during which I consumed one Gu (Expresso with 2x CAFFEINE!), only to drive directly to the grocery store afterwards to buy fried chicken (I have no idea! I had a craving!), a Coke (the Real Thing. First one in years!), and 10,000 malted milk balls.

There's a war going on in my stomach and I think I'm losing.

Last night's workout:

There was snow on the track, so we headed to a local neighborhood where coach had mapped out 1200 meters (first 800 downhill, final 400 up. you don't get that on a track), and a 400 recovery loop.

5x 1200, 400 recovery, 1 mile warmup and 1 mile cooldown. It was dark. I was hungry. It was 10F, and I still managed to overheat.

My target pace: 7:40

mile 1 1200 (followed by 400 recovery is what I meant to say): 7:51
mile 2 1200: 7:27
mile 3 1200: 7:41
mile 4 1200: 7:33
mile 5 1200: 7:25

I don't get how some people can talk and laugh while they're doing a track workout. At least I don't get how they can carry on while my lungs are coming out of my nose. It's most annoying.


Thomas said...

How is consuming a Coke compatible with giving up sugar? Oh never mind.

If they're laughing and talking during a track workout, they are not working hard enough. All I can do during those workouts is wheezing like a dying asthmatic.

Calyx Meredith said...

Oh those cravings! What a roller coaster. Still - those are some awesome numbers! (I think I would put up with even whacked out cravings like that if I could have just ONE seven-something mile in my life!) Hang in there!

Runner Susan said...

Since when are chickens a vegetable?

Anonymous said...

Did you run 5 sub-8 minute miles? rock star! you are totally going to drop me at national.

And that sugar thing? yeah, I fell off the wagon a loooong time ago.

ItchyBits said...

Talking is annoying - I hate talkers - unless I'm talking - then its okay. Sometimes you just have to eat like crap ... just don't fall into the I exercise like crazy so I can eat like crap .... doesn't work that way for most.

21stCenturyMom said...

That's pretty good pacing!

And fried chicken? Really? I must say that when I was a vegetarian the smell of KFC made me mad with desire so I sort of get it.

I get Coke cravings pretty often. I just need a little bit but I need it.

Petraruns said...

Jeanne you crack me up! Those are some FABULOUSLY fast times you recorded there - nice ones! And as for falling off the wagon - just clamber right back on like the rest of us. Are you getting to sleep now?

jeanne said...

people people! 1200 meters does not a mile equal! that would be 1600. so these were more like 10 min miles. you can take back your exultation now.

It felt great while it lasted... :)

LBTEPA said...

You gave up sugar for Lent? Crikey...
I've given up soft drink (soda) .
How is your poor tummy today after the hammering you gave it?
BTW you are getting fast!

Anne said...

You had me at the malted milk balls.

Anonymous said...

That combination of chicken and Coke and 10,000 malted milk balls was just so honest. You complete me.
ps. Were the malted milk balls were in an oversized milk container?

Xena said...

Mmmm, Whoppers.

Uh, you need more salt and protein in your diet.

And possible more complex carbs.

(And sign up for HIP).

Judi said...

jeanne - good job on the track!

peter said...

You nailed those splits. Wow. Wednesday was not a good evening to be running after dark with the cold and ice and all. Good job!