Friday, March 06, 2009

14 Miles in the A.M.

We are really ramping up the miles over here at NBTR headquarters, with 14 miles on the schedule tomorrow. I am NOT looking forward to it (really? no kidding?) as last week's 12 miles was horrifying. Luckily I ran with two women who would NOT allow me to stop. Of course I was bleeding to death last week (TMI? Sorry!) so it's possible things will go better, but if I didn't expect the worst, then, well, I dunno what might happen! The world might stop spinning.

Meanwhile, let's drop in on what I've charmingly dubbed:

When we last visited, our heroine was avoiding numerous mundane and stultifyingly boring or exciting, but scary, tasks. Let's see how much progress she's made:

Kitchen: None.

Taxes: Um, nada. Wrote to a few people, no reply.

Pick a tri, ANY TRI: Uh, try try again. (heh)

Submit bills to insurance: Nope! Although I did put them in a pile.

Write upstairs landlord about falling-in bathroom ceiling: Did. Nothing.

Start writing short story for contest, deadline of March 16: I did actually open Word. I wrote one sentence tonight, then decided I needed to blog.

Swim coach: Posted query on D.C. Tri forum, contacted one coach. YAY!!! I ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING! WHEEE!!!

Let's add another item to Team Inaction!: All my New (old) Tri Program peeps have signed up for DC Tri's Half-Ironman Training program. It's only $50. I have no desire to do a half-ironman, and I think the training would be too much for me. So what's the problem, you ask? I have no plan, and I think it would be fun training with these people. SO, you ask, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

The problem is I seem utterly unable to make any decisions.


In other exciting news, I saw the President today. His motorcade went right by my office. His daughter goes to school just up the street from where I work, and he and Mrs. O. attended a parent-teacher conference. (Seriously, can you imagine? "So, your daughter is having a tough time fitting in. Anything going on at home we should know about?") So they closed the street (not an easy feat), there were about 200 cops, motorcycles, PLUS a helicopter, and everyone came out and watched and waved. It was exciting.


Susan said...

The previous president ate at a restaurant next to my old work. As the convoy of cars left, he rolled down the window and waved!

Petraruns said...

Keep at it Jeanne - project inaction may be your finest moment when you break through the wall!

Say hi to Mr and Mrs O from me next time you see them.

Kelly said...

"Anything going on at home we should know about?" That sounds like a fishy way to get some dirt on their home life. Sell it to the presses!

I must've missed the part where you said you were on I don't broadcast this fact, but my boyfriend and I met online... that's why he lives in Philadelphia and I live in Chicago (we were just too perfect for eachother to care about the distance). Good luck with the men!

21stCenturyMom said...

Sign up for the freaking 1/2 IM program NOW! You'll have fun. You'll get fit. You can bail on any session you want because you don't really need to go the distance but you will have fun. So do it.

21stCenturyMom said...

oh - and I will say no more about the bastard landlord. But you know what you need to do.

Danielle said...

You are so going to kick my butt!!! 14 miles!!! You are so an overachiever!!!

And Chelsea also went to the same school, so I am pretty sure they know how to deal with those kids :-)

Also, I think the fact that I have two friends that went to the same school means I have too many rich friends (but really, aren't those the best kind?).

Also, after living in Illinois and Iowa, I feel like I have met BO so many times that your stories don't impress :-)

Black Knight said...

Gone to check the Obama's blog to read if he wrote: I saw Lady Jeanne today. Not yet, but he will do it, be sure.

Sunshine said...

Your project inaction list is
Also delightful: lots of good running is on the
Mission Completed list.

Lesser is More said...

14 miles and you call THAT project inaction? Nothing says you have to sign up for a 1/2 IM before signing up for the program. For $50, you get a plan, a group of people dedicated to working out, and some guidance. If it is too much, cut back the workouts, but at least you have some structure. A little trial of the program just might spark enough interest in signing up for a race, whether its a 1/2 IM, Sprint, or Oly.

Neal Carlton said...

Here's a nudge: HTFU and get your s$%@ together. Take 10 minutes to call home depot for the kitchen, 15 more for the insurance bills, and 2 entire minutes to sign up for the half iron program.

To other commenters, (and I think Jeanne knows this) I'm not usually an a-hole, but sometimes people need hand-holding. Other times people need a nudge. Whatever works, right? ;)

Runner Susan said...

You are my new hero Jeanne. I'm so out of shape right now it is not even funny.

You go, Runner Jeanne.

Eileen said...

C'mon, let's hear about the 14!!!

Anne said...

You sure you didn't steal my to-do list by mistake?! (Well, except for the item...don't want to give the husband the wrong idea).

Rainmaker said...

I'm all for days where I accomplish utterly nothing. Today being a prime example of such. I really did nothing. Virtually no excercise, none of the 28.5 different ToDo's, and instead just sat around and watched HGTV all day. Success!

You should do the same!

Xena said...

Rainmaker, when are the days you do nothing?

Glad we could shove you into doing HIP! SO. Much. Fun!
Just think of the relays!

peter said...

Nice wish list! I got a lot of those. Glad to see you're back to elucidating on a more regular basis.