Monday, March 09, 2009

14 Miles, Sore Calf, & H.I.P.

Saturday's 14 miles was not fun. It wasn't even hard, because hard doesn't come close to describing it. It was gruesome. Have I ever run 14 miles before? Really? You lie.

I've been breaking in some new shoes. Saucony's Triumph 5 (the same kind of car I want!) because the kid at the running store told me they don't make my beloved New Balance 1023s anymore, so to try these, 2-week money-back guarantee if I only wore them on the treadmill. Which I did, for two 5-mile sessions.

So I thought I was good to go.

Although I have noticed my achilles has been sort of sore.

And yeah, my calves have been kind of tight.

But who pays attention to that crap? C'mon. If I paid attention everytime something hurt, I'd never get out of bed! HTFU already.

So off I went in my pretty new Sauc's. Our coach decided at the last minute to send us 7 miles north, into the wilds of Maryland, instead of South, into the civilization of D.C.

We were running along the Rock Creek Hiker-Biker Trail, a part of Rock Creek Park I had never seen before. A beautiful paved trail that runs right through the middle of a woods, alongside a stream. Birds were singing, the skies were blue, there was an ululating symphony of frogs (no really, there was). Temps were in the 60s, and would be 70F before we stopped.

All was right with the world.

So my calf hurt. And I ignored it. What, was I gonna go home without even trying??? Not likely. I started running with two other girls. And we went up hills and down hills. Past woodland creatures and human creatures. It was all good. Until mile 5 when I stopped. Because ouch. It hurt. Like for reals. Like an am-I-gonna-make-it? kinda hurt.

My running buddies were great, stopping with me. I cursed myself for not bringing my customary $10 for a cab...until I realized—no cabs in the woods. I have never (knock wood) not finished a training run. Ever. So I wasn't too eager for today to be my first.

I stopped, stretched, massaged, gritted my teeth, examined my options— a loooooooong 5-mile-walk-or-run back, or run onward 2 miles to the turnaround. Of course, it was ONWARD!

By now my will (which was weak to begin with) was pretty much shot. I was hanging on, helped by healthy doses of stretching, massaging, and lots of moaning. (Always a pleasure to run with me!) I made it to 7 miles and then? I had to run back.

Time to HTFU, again.

It took 3:06. A blistering 13-minute-mile pace.

Take that Miss Fancypants Speed Development!!

My poor running mates. They were such good sports. I can only hope that I'd be as kind confronted with a gimpy running mate.

So here it is Monday.

My calf is still sore, but I'm pretty sure (after much consultation with Dr. Google) that I didn't tear anything. I've been massaging it like mad. But what to do with Tuesday night's speed session (that would be TOMORROW night), Internet People?! Do I go? Or no go? And what to do with Saturday's 14-miler??

And more importantly, what to do about those $@!$ shoes?

Back to the shoe store? Run/no run?

(You really have to wonder how I get dressed by myself in the morning. Well, the answer is: I don't. Number One Daughter consults. Daily. It's frightening.)

I've got the National half coming on March 21. I really really wanted to kick Danielle's ass! Or Ray's. (Hi Danielle & Ray! Just kidding! Ha ha!)


In other news:

1. Call has been made to upstairs landlord about possibly DRAINING THE LAKE that's inside his apartment; and


(Thanks Neal, and the rest of you. You know who you are.)

Although I have no desire, and I will not, under any circumstances, actually enter, or even pretend to enter, or remotely consider entering, a half-ironman.



Kelly said...

I have no clue how all you people have time for 3 mile runs! I'm always in awe.

Good job running through the pain.

IHateToast said...

i don't know if "no cabs in the woods" is the title of a children's picture book a horror flick.

Danielle said...

Well, we must be having sympathy pains. We can limp through National together. Too bad it isn't your left calf - then we could limp run in sync.

And maybe we could just trip Ray and bring him down to our level?

I would say DO NOT do speed work with your calf hurting. Trying to run fast usually exacerbates my calf pain. Of course, we might have different calf pains, but that has been my experience.

LBTEPA said...

I reckon give the speedwork a miss until your calf settles down

Jack said...

Improper shoes will do you in every time, I have painful memories...

Congrats on signing up for HIM, you'll do fine.

I would suggest holding off on the speed work until your calf feels better, speed work will only irritate it further.

Thomas said...

Haha! That's the great thing about sending you 7 miles into the wilderness. You just have no choice but to complete the journey. That's the way to guarantee the miles.

Next time will be much easier already. And in no time at all you're running 14 miles for fun before breakfast!

Susan said...

Oh Jeanne. I say you march those shoes back and tell them that the magic shoes are giving you fits. Treadmill or not.

ShirleyPerly said...

Sorry your 14-miler did not go well. I would definitely NOT recommend going to the speed workout if your calf is bothering you. And I would take those shoes back to the shoe store and tell them what happened. Though they may not give you a full credit because you've used them outdoors, they might give you a partial credit and either way should help you find some running shoes that will work for you. If not, you can slam them on your blog and ruin their business ;-)

Itchy Bits said...

The runner me only comes out about 3 months out of the year, as you know, but pain is never a good thing. I say skip the speed work and stretch instead. Focus on lower leg/ankle obviously. Yoga band around foot and gently stretch/hold - I would do that every night before bed. The 14 mile thing on Sat...extra stretching before you go/after and shorten?? Take the shoes back first - they must be causing or not correcting some sort of pronation!! I had all kinds of foot issues that eventually traveled up my leg and I found relief with my Brooks Adrenaline 8's.

Petraruns said...


New shoes. Keep trying. Something will work. Can you still get your old shoes online somewhere?

No speedwork. Are you crazy? Take it easy you triathlon person. And you know you will do iron woman. I know you will.

Neal Carlton said...

Well done Jeanne!

21stCenturyMom said...

As others have said - no speedwork and take the shoes in. If nothing else maybe you can find a better insert for them.

Sucks to hurt like that. My guess, from consulting Dr. Google, is that you have insufficient arch support in those shoes.

Vickie said...

First, I hate to tell you but your friends will probably never run with you again! LOL! Seriously, they sound great for waiting, etc. Second, when I wore Sauconys, one pair in the almost 21 years of running, I had constant calf cramps (the charley horse type that stop you in your tracks) to the point where I almost could not run. They came on during races, on training runs, etc. but totally went away when I ditched the shoes. Weird coincidence, but it might be something to it.

David said...

In Rock Creek Park it's a horror flick, IHateToast.
Was the guy in the running store young and cute and you went with whatever he said; or was he smart enough to set you up right?
And what the heck is "ululating?"

eileen said...

I agree with 21st Mom, those new shoes don't have enough arch support. I've worn Saucony for years and when my shoe guy told me they weren't making my style (Grid Stabil) anymore I asked him to search the entire USA for whatever was left on the shelves. He managed to find two pair and they were discounted to $60! I hope your calves are feeling better. That was one tortuous 14 miler....not to mention ululating!

Judi said...

woooooohoooooo - half iron??? i SOOOOO cannot wait to hear about that training!

Sunshine said...

It might be worth a try to Google for those delightful New Balance shoes you miss. Maybe somebody has a pair left somewhere.

Rainmaker said...

Oh, you're signing up for a HIM. Let's be clear. That convincing is gonna happen...

Xena said...

I heart Saucony's, but not Triumphs.
Take them back, and rest/ ice the calf/achillies/ hammy.

Anonymous said...

Nice, ran 14 miles today too.

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