Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Anyone Seen My Triathlon Training Around Here?

So, I went and hired myself a swim coach, and she's awesome. We meet at 6:00 a.m. Monday mornings, and for 45 minutes she tells me stuff like: press your "T", rotate from your hips, watch your breathing, don't cross the midline, TRY KICKING EVERY NOW AND THEN, and? Move the water! "Can you FEEEEL the water??," she asks. "You need to FEEEEEL the water!" It takes every bit of control to resist saying, "I'm in a POOL."

I crack myself up.

My second swim lesson was yesterday morning, and I don't know what I was doing all last year, but I'm pretty sure I was not swimming because holy mother of god, I'm getting introduced to muscles I have never met before.

Apparently I've never kicked before in my life. Apparently all those books that say triathletes should not worry about kicking? I took them a leetle too seriously.

And? I don't pull. At all.

So yesterday I learned to kick. And pull.

I was sore afterwards but in a good way.

I could NOT wait to get in the pool today to try my first HIPster*TM pool workout using my newly acquired skills. Not only had I learned new skills, I had also learned how to read a workout. It's like a foreign language:

Workout 2B, 1400 yds
Warm up: 500 choice

50 swim
100 negative split
150 swim/drill/swim by 50
100 negative split
150 swim/drill/swim by 50
100 negative split
50 swim
Rest :30

100 pull, DPS
100 kick, build each 50

Cool down

The best part is I know what everything means!

Just for kicks I timed my 100s and they were all in the 2:30 range which is quite thrilling (if still sucky) since just 2 weeks ago they were in the 3:30+ range.

Afterwards I went to work and ate a bunch of crap because I was so proud of myself. (Way to reward yourself, Jeanne.)

But today is Tuesday and that stands for track with a capital T and that stands for Trouble.

After my awesome swim in the a.m. and my awesome (if screwy) race on Saturday, I had completely convinced myself that I deserved to take tonight off. But the fear factor kicked in just in time. I came home and before I could think about it changed into running duds and off I went.

6x800 at interval pace = 5:00; plus 2x200 at race pace = 1:05.


I ran with two girls who slipped away from me because their recovery and threshold paces were the same. I was honestly going to throw in the towel, if not throw up, just because I deserved to, when another chick, Jenn, came alongside me and said she was doing 6 repeats and well, that was that. It takes so little to talk me into things. Don't ever offer me drugs, k?

GOAL: 800 @ 5:00

1) 4:46
2) 4:56
3) 5:00
4) 4:57
5) 5:13
6) 4:47

200: 1:05
200: 1:05

Tomorrow is spin class. Too cold to ride outside at 6 a.m. Although eventually I will have to actually get on a bike again. I'm guessing.

P.S. D.C. Spinster (aka Peter) was just elected president of the DCRR club! Read his speech here, and leave him some comment love.

*D.C. Tri Half Ironman Program (HIP)


Rachel said...

That was a fun read. Good luck w/ all your training. I've never really "trained"for a tri- just done them.

21stCenturyMom said...

Sounds like you found your tri training to me.

I thought I knew all the swim lingo but what is pull, DPS? I know what 'pull' is but what is DPS? No comprende.

LBTEPA said...

so you weren't kicking OR pulling?...talented!!
Ha you'll be doing a HIM soon, I know, there'll be some peer-group pressure and you'll cave.

LBTEPA said...

BTW what's this "T" you have to press? Always keen to learn

Thomas said...

I have to admit, the "feel the water" stuff has me baffled. Especially since the water is usually cold!

And yeah, what's the T you're talking about?

jeanne said...

I love it, i have finally stumped the swimmers! yay!

so the "T" as I understand it, is basically, your chest. keep head in neutral position and push down on your "T" (or your armpit when you're rotating). That brings your butt up.

DPS=distance per stroke.

What do I get?

Calyx Meredith said...

Aside from the ear worm now singing "trouble, trouble, trouble - right here in River City", I totally enjoyed this post! You are an AMAZING swimmer if you managed 3:30 hundreds without pulling or kicking. Great job on being a reluctant track star too. Which half iron race are you training for?

Lesser is More said...

I think they key to getting through workouts, whether they be track or swim workouts, is to trick/out smart yourself. Start off by saying, "Oh, I'm only doing 4 x 800". By the time you get to 4, say "Well its only another 2". This works every time. In fact, I did it in my swim workout last night!

peter said...

Hey, that was a secret ballot, but you went ahead and told everybody. Thanks for the shout-out. Maybe I won the booby prize. And lookit you. Now you're giving advice on swimming.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks so much for this. Keep em posts coming, find them so interesting. Anyways, I am a swimming instructor for those of you looking for some swimming lessons

Susan said...

Man oh man - you speak tri!!! I am impressed. And in awe.

Petraruns said...

Swimming lessons at 6am on a Monday! YOU ARE JUST SO HARDCORE you don't realise it. And all this techie talk. And you seem to understand it. No don't bother to explain it - I just like reading it and thinking someone out there knows what it means.

Your runnign is going well too girl - you're on track. Good to see you're getting your goals underway!

Runner Susan said...

I'm in the pool! Ha, you crack me up too.

Now, go run or ride.

eileen said...

Wow! MEGO when I see those paragraphs shaped like columns with lots of numbers and colons. I only WISH I spoke that secret language! Although, I must give myself props...I diagnosed your useless stroke in a photo NOD took two years ago. I didn't mention it because I figured it was working for you if you were swimming up and down the Potomac!
I can't wait to see photos of the new stroke!

David said...

Who was the "we" who wanted to quit after 4x800? You should avoid training with those "other" people.

Rainmaker said...

All sounds quite familiar. :) Boo to early morning swims though. Have a 2.5 hr session with the coach at 6:30AM tomorrow. Boo again.

Glad to see you're getting it all figured out. Awesome!

Xena said...

Yeah, I had always heard kicking was a waste of energy. Swim coach is now saying I need to kick harder.

Yay for Peter! Maybe I'll take the DCRRC off my Christmas List now.

Vickie said...

Your swim and track workouts sound great. Somehow, without realizing it, you are becoming a triathlete!

Jade Lady said...

I see you're still in full force! That's fantastic. I'm now ready to get my butt in gear also - and...to start to swim again. Sounds like you're getting some great instruction! I too thought...no kicking and no pulling was required...maybe that's why I swim like a snail!

Karlaj said...

FINALLY!!! So very proud that you're finding your inner fish!
I have to ask you next HH what helped make things click.

Trihardist said...

Capital T that rhymes with B that stands for Better. As in getting better.

Sounds like a pretty hardcore schedule :-D

ShirleyPerly said...

Ha, I had to laugh about swim workouts looking like a foreign language because I thought the very same thing a couple years ago. Good job on the swimming and intervals!

Black Knight said...

How can you feel the water at 06.00a.m.? At that time I can only feel my warm bed!