Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm Not Myself Lately

Warning: I'm going to whine. So if you're not up to YET MORE OF THAT, please move right along.

For the rest of you, an update:

Maybe it's from being sick for a week, or from missing a week of workouts, or from being too sick and tired to go to the grocery store. Or maybe I'm just old. Maybe it's that I felt particularly under-appreciated this week. And sometimes? I just felt freakin' stupid. (And you know what Eleanor Roosevelt said about that. So then I felt bad about feeling inferior!)

I don't know. I don't feel like myself.

This has probably been my longest break from working out since I started, what, three years ago? I ran 10 miles last Saturday, then went to spin class on Thursday, and that's been it. Physically, I'm pretty much cured from my bronchitis, so I went back to work Monday. But I feel sick in my psyche—or my soul, if you're so inclined.

I don't feel like an athlete. I don't feel like working out anymore. What I feel like is giving up, rolling over, curling up and reading, and acting my age.

Which is kind of a problem when you're starting to train for a tri, and have a half-mary in four weeks.

I'm hoping this is just a phase—but just in case, it's scaring me enough to have FINALLY forced me to make an appointment with my girly-girl doc.

In the meantime, for you new readerS who don't know me and don't realize how entertaining I can, on occasion, be, I invite you to take a gander at this and this and this. And this was kinda fun.

Oh, ok, there was this (still looking, btw).

And of course, who could forget this? (Not I. Not ever.)

Maybe y'all can vote for your favorites.

Or maybe I should just HTFU, as Rainmaker would likely remind me.


Dan and Bob said...

Jeanne, I love you, Dan : )

21stCenturyMom said...

And maybe you aren't quite as healthy as you think just yet. Just give it rest, take a deep breath and if you don't choke do a small workout. Remember the 'just one mile' rule? Yeah - like that. You'll be back in no time because you're invincible! Yes you are.

ps - weren't you sidelined longer with your surgery?

Susan said...

Hurry up and come back to us.

Judi said...

It must be the weather. We're all ready for spring. The winter just drags on and we feel tired. It's normal. You just need to wake up, HTFU and get out and do it. You know you want to!

David said...

Can I whine about all the hyperlinks?

Extended curling up and hiding is a good sign of depression. We love you.

Come to the beach down here and the sun vitamins will cure you.

LBTEPA said...

What 21CM said.
(although I was expecting her to slap you for saying 'act your age = blob on the couch'!)

Nancy Toby said...

S'okay, you can quit whenever you want.

And pretty soon after that I'LL BE FASTER THAN YOU BWAHAHAHAAAA!!!


Stop looking at me like that, I'm just trying to help.

Rainmaker said...

So yeah...basically - HTFU! ;)

Just12Finish said...

I'm not a new reader but I'm nevertheless terrified to click on your here n here n here links!

peter said...

I hope you're feeling better. You have a list of personal accomplishments that is a sraight trajectory upwards since your surgey less than a year ago, like PRing in the half and the 5K (and qualifying for National), running a race and having wonderful interactions with NOD, starting a new sport, coaching newbie runners, hanging with friends in exotic places like Tahoe, (shall I go on?)...

eileen said...

Wow! Took the words out of my mouth..."act my age". I didn't even take my shoes to Costa Rica because I didn't want to look like one of the touristas running along a gorgeous beach in running shorts and tee shirt with sneakers on while the "age approriate" runners are out there barefoot and in bikinis. I felt like that old SNL character, Sally O'Mally. Hopefully, as my father used to say, "this too shall pass."

Dawn said...

First I'll say I am a fairly new reader.... BUT you can't stop now!! Your accomplischment and humour are completely inspiring!!

Maybe you need a 3 day holiday to revivie the spirit.

zandria said...

Well, no wonder you don't feel like doing anything if you've been sick! But I'm sure that must be frustrating when you know you have all these events coming up. Good for you for doing them...I'm impressed! :)

Sunshine said...

Best wishes for your recovering. It will happen. The time it takes can be difficult.
March is coming; that should help.

Anne said...

Prolonged illness has a way of ruining a lot of things, but only temporarily. You'll bounce back.