Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm Sick

I blame everyone.

I'm achy, my eyes are watery, and i'm coughing up pieces of my lung. I'm kind of convinced that Tuesday's swim (1250 yards!) contributed because I'm pretty sure I inhaled half the pool.

Then of course it rained and iced over on Tuesday night, which naturally led to my falling on my...knees. I don't think I know how to fall any other way. It's amazing my knees haven't told me they are SO. DONE. WITH. THE. FALLING.

So that was fun.

What was fun was that Old School Runner invited me to a fancy pants Chinese New Year's Party, held by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (they don't have an embassy, for obvious reasons), at the spectacular National Building Museum which was great fun, but when I had the chance to meet the Hong Kong(ian?) commissioner, I blew it off. Like I meet these kind of people every day. Sigh. OSR informed me it was the Year of the Rat (this is good, I think), I ate gobs of food, and we watched a traditional Chinese dragon line dance. Thanks, OSR!

What WAS also fun was last Saturday, when I blew off my 11-mile long run to travel to Philly to extend my birthday by spending it with Number One Daughter and friends. I splurged and took the $1/minute Amtrak. I lurrrve the train, pricey as it is. Especially the quiet car. Especially on Saturdays.

We had a lovely brunch with these fellows:
ummm, french toast!

Followed by a tour of the Philly Art Museum:
Diana, Goddess of the Hunt (rescued from the top of the old Madison Square Garden building, where she served as weathervane!

Did you know there's an entire recreated Japanese teahouse inside the "Rocky" museum? Me neither.

Followed by a movie (The Savages, stellar cast, but skip it):

Followed by Someone collapsing in a heap:

Followed by a relaxing train ride home.

So now I've missed my mid-week run, I have a banged up knee, and 12 miles to run on Saturday.

But I'm keeping my sunny disposition, as usual.


LBTEPA said...

Get well soon darl :)

David said...

I invite you to prissy Winter Park where you can see a genuine Tiffany Chapel reconstructed in the Morse Museum.
Get well. Call Susie for homespun remedies.

Just12Finish said...

My older girls were born in the year of the rat. I always thought that was a rather nasty name - why not mouse instead?

Could be worse - they seem to prefer a different name for year of the chicken - rhymes with "cork".

Laufenweg said...

i wish you a happy birthday and *chicken soup*chicken soup*chicken soup*chicken soup* there....that oughta do it. feel better!! glad to know you weren't stuck in the "mixing bowl" last night!

21stCenturyMom said...

Sounds like it was fun while it lasted - until the RSV and the knees thing - ow! ugh!

I hope you feel better soon!

peter said...

I am confused by all of this. How did you bang up your knee in a pool? How did you drink all that water in a teahouse? Why is there a teahouse in the Rocky Art Museum? Oh never mind. Doing an 11-miler is simple, the rest of this stuff is hard for us footbound sloggers to comprehend once our friends branch out beyond running. (Do you have a bell on your bike? Is there signalling etiquette in the pool?)

Bex said...

I hope you and your knees feel better soon! Thanks for the pix - it looks like you had fun. Chinese food in D.C., eh. Whattya think about Tex-Mex to celebrate your b-day in Austin?

Paco said...

how do you wear out your daughter when you have a bum knee?

i love the diana photo. looks like she has wings of pringles.

Rainmaker said...

Skippage of run? We've gots to speaks about that! They do allow running in the city of brotherly love. ;)

Glad to see ya had a great time. I like the expensive train too. So nice.