Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Men in Skirts

Well, Why Not?, as this fellow so ably demonstrates:

Come on, what woman wouldn't want to date someone wearing the utilikilt? (Steve from Utilikilts.com)

As I mentioned in an earlier (and I might add, much ignored) entry, our spiritual-running guru, Mark, posted a few days ago about his deep desire to see women runners wearing these things. And some of us running chicks gave him some grief. Which then spiralled into quite a behind-the-scenes convo.

So we threw down the gauntlet. If Mark wants to see more running chicks in skirts, we invited him to walk a mile—or run five—in our moccasins, so to speak. Wear the skirt, Mark.

After much hemming, hawing and eating up of the precious e-mail airwaves, Mark has agreed to don the pinky-pink version and run an 8k—but only if he hears from 100 members of the RBF (or their friends and relatives) ... PLUS he is asking us to donate to our favorite charity, as payback. It's a win-win, people!

So, I'm asking you to get on over to Mark's place, and read all the details, and pledge (any amount of time or money) to the charity of your choice, so that you can see an actual, real live video of Mark, racing an 8k, looking something like this:

photo, courtsey Dawn

Whatever you do, though, don't be asking any questions about what he'll be wearing underneath.

For your own sake.


Tammy said...

I'm thinkin' there's gonna be some chaffin'. The link showed the skirts as a bit tighter than the pic of Mark here, and cute, but if they fit that way, they will rub on the sides of your legs as you run and ...ouch! pass.

BUT, that guy in the kilt... yum.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

I want the guy in the kilt...sorry Mark, I mean Marcia. Well put Jeanne!

21st Century Mom said...

Too funny! I must play this game because I gave Mark a LOT of grief about the skirt.

Elle said...

This excites me more than it should...But I still think he should be forced to do 26.2 in a bra and a thong...but I'll go easy on him this time:)

Bob said...

Definetly a win win, I wil get in touch and donate. What a funny idea!

Anonymous said...

Lucky me!
Every year we have "Celtic Fest" in Bethlehem, Pa.
I go just to see all the men in kilts...
There are hundreds of them.
Very, very, yummy!!! :)

Haight said...

I've done the kilt before. Then again it was Halloween and I had blue face paint and long hair...yep, Braveheart

Susan said...

I think he has no choice now . . . it's a done deal.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

mmmm I'm salivating over the guy in the kilt. The only reason I went to watch Troy was Brad Pitt in a skirt. I've eying one of the utilikilts for Johnny (he doesn't mind). Okay, that's probably too much information. Sorry! :)

Jack said...

Great idea, I've already lined up my donation!