Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Recap

(Well, the real recap is found in another place. This is my recap.)

Easter weekend: gorgeous spring-like weather! Saturday morning I had a 50-min run with the DC Road Runners, after which (oh, i will so regret saying this, even thinking it—Bex, look away), I felt fit as a fiddle, and a little like it wasn't enough of a workout.

So what did I do with all my extra energy on Saturday? Why, I took a nap, of course. The vacuuming could wait. Actually, Number One Daughter tells me that I might have actually said to her, on her first day back from school since Christmas break, that I might actually have mentioned, that if she felt up to it, could she vacuum? (I am soooo not like other mothers. Sigh.)

Saturday night was Easter vigil, where I rang a few bells, then went out to a lovely dinner with NOD and friends. Dinner might have included a french martini. Yum.

Sunday was supposed to be my long slow run, but hell's bells, my kid was only home for two days. So, after yet another long nap (this may be a record, two days in a row), we took a mother-daughter hike on ye olde "Billy Goat Trail." A sign at the trailhead warns you to "Think Twice," and is replete with dire warnings of numbers of people who have died, etc. We are so hardcore! We laugh at danger!

Dire warnings of rock climbing and numbers of people killed.

NOD looking good on rocks (crappy cell phone camera!)

Mom rocks, too!

We hiked up and down some spectacular rocks for about 90 minutes. Not a run, but plenty cardiovascular. And I got some good scoopage on life-at-college.

Still, I had to get my 90-minute run in. In fact, I was now agonizing about when I would get this run in. Like OBSESSING about it. DREAMING about it.

So, this morning, on my day off, I hopped outta bed at 6:30 a.m., and drove in the pelting rain, in rush-hour traffic, to the start of a nice, ever-so-slightly uphill course. And ended up running 7.5 miles, (a first! in a training run!) in 90-minutes. I was soaked and lonely. My giant bunion blisters started acting up again, but other than that, I was a-ok. My companion, Phedippidations, came along, and I listened to the history of the Boston Marathon and then to Steve's account of his running the Cape Code Marathon. Just what I needed to distract myself from the intense, never-ending anxiety that overtakes me at the start of every run (and for which I am very open to any suggestions, btw).

Afterwards, I raced home (after carefully stretching of course), drove NOD to Amtrack, and sent her on her way. Now, I'm home, and thinking: why not make it a trifecta? I'm heading in for—yes!—another nap.

Good luck to everyone running Boston today.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

Yay!!! sounds like it was a BLAST!

those pictures look too cool. I miss the forests back east!

21st Century Mom said...

Naps... mmmmmmmmm...........naps... I love naps.

You are a running Goddess for going out in the rain. Really - trust me.

And as for the anxiety - just remember how many times you HAVE made it and that you ALWAYS do and then have some faith in yourself. Hopefully that will help.

susie said...

Don't you love naps after long runs. Almost better than sex, I think. Congrats on that long run....that is a long run!!!! You know, if my NOS wasn't otherwise engaged, we would have to get you NOD and my NOS together:)

psbowe said...

You sure had one hell of a nice weekend. I'm itching to go hiking too and napping too.

Nicely done on your run too.

robtherunner said...

Hey Jeanne thanks for stopping by (I better say that after my preachy post). Don't worry you have not ignored me in the past.

I actually have a blog that I use for education, although right now it is not used that much since I am not all that enthused about this last quarter of my undergraduate degree. I am hoping that when I start my education classes and student teaching that the blog will take on a life of its own, but right now I just try to keep it going. If you have any suggestions let me know. You can e-mail me as well from my profile. I appreciate all the help I can get.

And Yes, nice job on the 90 minute run.

Elle said...

I love love love naps....naps rule. I often thought I should live in Spain...just so I can legally engage in afternoon naps.

P.S. I have napped at work...under my desk...shhh...I'll be fired.

Anonymous said...

HOT pics mommaaasitaaa!

Rae said...

Sounds like a great weekend! That looks like an awesome place to hike. I took a 2 hr nap on Sunday - the first in FOREVER, and it felt SO good!

Downhillnut said...

Gotta love naps :)

I understand your trepidation at the beginning of runs. Last Friday before my long one I sat in the car and filed my nails, delaying the start of my run until every digit was perfect, because you know, it was essential! I don't know why I fretted, I had a great run once I got going...

Anne said...

I love reading mother-daughter hikes like this one. Glad it ended up being a great time for both of you, and I especially enjoyed the vacuume line. I only wish....