Sunday, April 02, 2006

Just Your Typical Training Run

I decided to do a little training run this morning—just me and 9,999 of my closest personal friends—for a little thing we like to call the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run!! (Late add: More photos.)

Unofficial time: 1:57:49, or 11:42 min./mile pace.

1 & 2: 24:09 (no sense rushing a training run)
3: 12:17 (across the Memorial Bridge)
4: 11:37 (whoo-hee)
5&6: 24:07 (slow and steady does not win the race, but it lets you finish)
7: 12:13 (By now I'm pretty sure I can do this)
8: 11:37 (this is where it gets good)
9: 11:15 (oh so cocky!)
10:10:30 (my favorite pace to finish a race! and look at the direction of the last three miles!! Negative splits!!

[Note: blogger ate most of this post. Lucky you.]

My only goal was to finish without walking. Preferably under two hours. My strategy: Run for 30 minutes. Rinse, repeat. Don't walk until mile seven and only if you have to. Didn't have to.

I lined up, I saw my marathon partners from last summer. We chatted. They were run/walking. I so hope I beat them. (God, I'm bad.)

The day was perfect. Steve Runner of Pheddipidations regaled me for the first 55 minutes with tales of the Boston Marathon on his latest podcast. After that, my favorite boys ran me in. Man, they make me laugh.

What did I do right? It's possible that maybe I prepared well (except for the running thing). On Saturday, I hydrated like crazy; ate enough; had spaghetti for dinner (take out; this is how lazy I am. Oh, and when I got home from walking across the street to pick up my take-out spaghetti, the first thing I did? I tripped in my teensy tiny kitchen, landing hard on my right knee and wrist, and wrenching my shoulder. Ouchie. But the spaghetti was OK). Got to bed at 9, and slept soundly 'til 3:30 (which was really 2:30). Tossed and turned 'til 5 a.m. (really 4 a.m.); had oatmeal to make sure that thing happened (it did NOT). Drove to the Metro stop near my church, where I parked, took Metro, and then a shuttle bus to the start.

After, I met up with Nancy Toby and Holly and their friend, Keri, who I accidentally ran the Jingle Bell 10K with. (Btw, go look at Nancy's photos, they are much better.)

Afterwards, took the shuttle back to Metro and strolled into church (they had doughnuts; I was really hungry), covered in sweat and salt with my torn running tights. I honestly think no one noticed.

For your amusement:
Runners rushing around to board shuttle at 6:30 a.m. That, or someone sucks at taking pictures.

Sun coming up over the Jefferson Memorial.

The main attraction.

Random race people.

The real Cherry Blossoms: (l-r) Nancy, me, Holly, Keri.

My favorite race instructions are here; I guess it would have been OK to pee on the other monuments?


a.maria said...

woooooooooo friggin hooooo m'lady! AWESOME job.

and actually i'm diggin that first photo.

way to go jeanne! you should be oh so proud! job very VERY well done!

Simba's Mom said...

Great job!!! I am glad that you met your goals!!

21st Century Mom said...

YAY!!!! I knew you could do it and you did it! You did it well! Congratulations!!!!!!

A Cheery Bosom (or Cherry Blossom) said...

Hooray! Great to see you and congratulations again!

Funny, I didn't see those instructions. I think I might have peed on Mrs. Roosevelt by accident.

stephanie said...


susie said...

A wonderful race!! Why did I think you weren't doing this one?? I am so confused. Anyway, great job.Negative splits, too:) And the best part--you had fun. 10 miles--amazing, Jeanne! Way.To.Go!!

Anne said...

Very nice -- congratulations on such great results. Maybe we should all do spaghetti take-out. The Cherry Blossom 10-Miler was one of my favorites way back when. Glad to hear the race is still as good as I remembered. Great photos too!

Pamalamadingdong said...

Well done!!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Great job! Between your's, *Jeanne* and Nancy's photos I feel like I was there.

LeahC said...

nice job! negative splits is such a great feeling.

Black Knight said...

Good job and the negative split means that you are running well. Beautiful pictures. By the way Lady Jeanne and the Black Knight entered a race in the same day! Only a 12 km (7.45 ml) here.

KT said...

Monument peeing, hee.

Good work, lady!

angie's pink fuzzy said...


David said...

Negative splits are good. Very good. Wide negative splits are an invitation to go a little faster on the front side. You're just getting better!

Rae said...

Awesome job on your race!!! Aren't you so glad you did it now???

The cherry blossoms are beautiful! Way to go rocket-ship!!!