Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Swim, Bike, Run

Life gets busy fast.

Saturday I did 8 miles with the Speed Development Group, and it was very good, if not very fast. I felt great at the end.

Sunday: It was 74F!!! Gorgeous day. Number One Daughter and I started by looking at a lovely house on Capitol Hill—for her and her friends to live in (sans Mom. A big mistake if you ask me but no one is asking me.). It was a beautifully renovated old rowhouse with a front porch swing, directly across from a Safeway and within walking distance of two Metro stops. We fell in love! I asked the owners how they would decide amongst the applicants, and was told, "First come, first served." We were first! This thing was In. The. Bag.!! NOD gave him all her deets and then waited for the confirmation e-mail.

Which never came.

Instead she got a "We regret to inform you" letter. Like it was a job interview! We wracked our brains for what we could have/should have done differently. I can only surmise that the owners decided to rent to a nice professional couple instead of three nice girls one year out of college.

I honestly don't know how anyone on a budget finds housing. It's insane.

Sunday afternoon: Bike ride in Rock Creek Park. Got a flat before I left the parking lot. Sigh. Still, I remembered how to change it, and I remembered how to ride. All good.

Monday: Swim lesson #3! I love my instructor, sort of the way you fall in love with your captors (see: Stockholm syndrome). My arms are still sore two days later. She said, "You wouldn't like it if I went easy on you." I could have argued the point.

Monday night: Handbell practice! Handbells, swimming, running. Many many parallels. Hold your breath, breathe, focus, tempo! Don't stop 'til the end.

Tuesday: 4 miles on treadmill at 5:30 cuz I had to miss track Tuesday night cuz I had to go to the dentist. To find out that I need another crown, AND? An implant. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Apparently the implant process takes about a year to complete, and in the meantime, you get to wear a denture. Fun times. I honestly don't know where I'm going to get the money. Time to emigrate. I hear Botswana is nice.

Tuesday night: After the dentist, what could be better than a trip to Hell Home Depot? Our kitchen guy came with us and we picked everything out. We're getting the cheapest in-stock cabinets, the cheapest vinyl flooring, and trying to figure out what the best/cheapest thing is to do for counters. (I have 25 square feet of countertop.)

Tuesday late night: All I can say is that Kelly is insane. Go Bethenny.

Wednesday morning: Slept in! Swimming on tap for tonight.

Update on Germany: I got turned down for an entry-level copy-editing job where speaking German was not a requirement. No explanation. Mad Fast Thomas makes the compelling argument that he's surrounded by ex-pats in Ireland who have no particular skills, so I could definitely move there! Thanks, I think!

Things can only look up, right?


Susan said...

I bet your kitchen will look FAB!

You're working very hard, lady. Good for you!

LBTEPA said...

what a lot of things to juggle! But mate - eyes on the prize. You want to live in another country, stay with that! It will happen

Judi said...

too bad you aren't here so dominic could do your kitchen. :)

you are kicking some ass jeanne! the workouts are coming along for you! YES!

peter said...

This post made me crazy. Since you published it today, I guess NOD is moving to Capitol Hill and you're moving to Germany, your bike was stolen when you went to phone Triple A to come fix your flat which you couldn't remember how to repair, your pool was closed for rennovations and you had a terrific fight with your swim teacher but you made up with your dentist who refunded you money because the recommended work wasn't necessary after all, you have been blazing around the track and on Sunday it rained (it did?). Right?

jeanne said...

Peter: Close!

Kelly said...

You've been busy.

What kind of job are you looking for in Germany? And where? I have tons of family over there.

Rainmaker said...

What on earth is that swim instructor doing? Sore two days later? Yikes...

Btw, seems like a lot of far away places in your post...Stolkholm, Botswana, Germany... me things you're getting ready to fly the coup!

Runner Susan said...

You know, I hear Texas is bigger than Germany. AND - with the accent thing here it is totally like everyone is speaking another language.

Thomas said...

I think I phrased the no-particular-skills a little bit different.

But look at it from this angle: someone here even employs me. There must be a job for you!

Old School Runner said...

Thanks for your insights on swimming. If you don't mind, can you tell me who your coach is? An email would be great. said...

Just stumbled across your blog...We have very interesting blog titles. I'm thinking we team up some day. Then again, I can't run .5 mile yet!

I'm running for my life though...literally.


Calyx Meredith said...

You and NOD have some weird turn-down mojo going on! Whenever anything like that happens to me, my mother says, "Well this or something better." So - I think you two must be in the "something better" line. Good luck with it all. The training seems to be rocking! Enjoy the weekend.

Dori said...

You were overqualified for the job. Keep looking; something will come up. Have you considered teaching English?

Noames said...

I live in Capitol Hill! I was just at that Safeway today. And we were also turned down for the first apartment we thought we wanted. What's the world coming to. Meanwhile, email me if you want my tips on finding something good and cheap (we're paying $870 for a really good one bedroom, all utilities included, three blocks from the metro).

IHateToast said...

i'm so excited that i get to snigger behind you and whisper to others, "she's had implants."

ShirleyPerly said...

I agree with Calyx. Probably on both the apt and job there is something better waiting. Keep your eyes peeled!

And nice job on fixing the flat. I've been lucky not to have one in a couple months and am probably due any day now, come to think of it.