Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Renée!

A birthday dinner!

I met Renée the first week of college at Boston University, September 1975. We lived in the same dorm, Rich Hall, but she lived two floors above me, and I lived on the "experimental floor," called "Middle Earth." You had to write an essay to get accepted to Middle Earth. God, I'd give anything to see that essay now. I'm sure it's cringeworthy.

Rich Hall, scenic third building on the right

We met because we both volunteered to help put together a "coffeehouse" in the lobby of Rich Hall, which would meet on Saturday nights.

So quaint!

Anywho, Renée went on to become a famous photojournalist for the Boston Herald, and I ... learned to blog.


Renée is now starting her own business. Need a photographer? Stop looking NOW and click here.

The best thing about Renee is she laughs at all (most) of my jokes, (as do I), so when we're together we spend a lot of time laughing.

The worst thing about her is she looks EXACTLY the same as when she was 18.

So, Renée was in town and stopped by for girl's night and a birthday dinner. (Technically her birthday was December 2007, but let's not be sticklers.)

Though it may look like slop on a plate,(we're not on "Top Chef" here people), I can assure you it was wholly gourmet fare:
1. Swordfish marinated in some Thai seasonings, simmer on the stovetop for 10 minutes (all they have to do to get me to buy something at Whole Foods is to give me a sample. I'm the ultimate consumer),
2. the famous brussels sprouts,
3. baked potato, and
4. apple and manchego cheese salad (sort of this recipe).

All this after
On Sunday:
1. Bell-ringing in the a.m. (no one was hurt, always a plus),
2. another one-hour ride (12.5 miles) followed by a 10 min run (this is called a brick. A mini-brick) and
On Saturday:
3. Possibly the crappiest run of my life with my tri-group. There was a run clinic at Pacers, followed by a 45-min run up the Custis trail, another trail that seemingly defies the laws of nature by going up in both directions. It was hot on Saturday and I finished. That's all I'll say about that.
4. Also on Saturday, the famous personal shopper appointment. But that deserves its own post.

Stay tuned.


LBTEPA said...

You know, sometimes I'm quite jealous of you with all your training groups - but then, training by myself means I don't find out until race day how crap I am and by then I'm having fun so it's ok!
STOP TEASING! We MUST hear the personal shopper story!

peter said...

Happy B'day Renee (I guess). Glad you two had a nice dinner of salmon and b. sprouts. You're just finding out now that the Custis Trail has double fall lines? Weren't you present for the 2006 10K Group runs (I saw you there)? And btw I'm not sure I'm happy about the FB time-suck. How many ways can you be pulled at once? (Sorry, I shouldn't ask that of a tri.) Put another brick in the wall.

21stCenturyMom said...

She is certainly very talented.

But I'm really waiting on the personal shopper story.

Runner Susan said...

I anxiously await the shopper post.

Susan said...

Renee is a lucky lady!