Monday, April 14, 2008

Triathlon Here I Come

Well, I tried. Whoever you are, I hope you got the help you needed. The weird thing is that I know so few people in this area who ride ... well few people who ride who can't change a tire!

But enough about the mystery woman. Back to me.

The weekend started early with Number One Daughter making a quick trip home to do...what? Buy a dress of course! And she needed her mummy! So I took off from work early.

Both of us hate to shop. With a passion. We consider it a form a torture (did I raise her right, or what?!!)

She had another reason for coming home: She's doing some kind of photo project for school and needed a SUBJECT. Knowing how camera shy I am, she picked me. The topic sentence being something along the lines of "old lady mature woman attempts triathlon." So Friday night I hauled the bike up to the trail and rode back and forth while she took action shots; then tossed my helmet aside and ran back and forth.

I learned a few things.

One: I run like a zombie. See for yourself:

I noticed this same phenom last month in the National Half:

What the hell?

So by studying NOD's photos, I've learned that I apparently ... don't know diddly about how to run.

I decided to test the whole move-your-arms-while-you run theory on this morning's run ...and wouldn't you know? I WENT FASTER.

I really wish you people would tell me these things.

After a few thousand shots, we finally got one that show me running with BOTH FEET OFF THE GROUND:
(Now, that's how it's done, people. I think.)

If you want to view the whole ordeal, be my guest. I'm thinking I'll be milking these photos for quite a while.

(Someone please tell me why I look moronic in a bike helmet? Is my head too big? Am I wearing it backwards?? What?!!)

Lots of other cool stuff happened this weekend too, so don't touch that dial.


LBTEPA said...

Shopping Is Hell.
You reckon you have some dorky bike helmet photos? I can beat yours into a cocked hat!
You haven't tasted ghastly tri photos until you get your swim exit/running IN YOUR WETSUIT shots LOL ...just to give you somehting to look forward to.......

Triseverance said...

That reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where the woman does not swing her arms when she walks. Funny.
I used to think I needed to drop my hands until I had a gait analysis. His suggestions were keep them high and hammer back stretching the peck so that it snaps back forward.
I love the last shot, can you say Avatar. :)

Vickie said...

Who knew right, about the arm movement thing? I learned in my Chi Running clinic that the faster you move the arms, the feet will keep up. That's true too, but the problem, of course, is getting the lungs to go along with that theory. Nice pics, and I feel the same way about my bike helmet. As long as it protects the head, who cares.

21stCenturyMom said...

When I was coming to the finish of my 4 mile race the other day one of my team mates yelled "use your arms! and at least TRY to lift your knees" I could have throttled him.

We all look like dorks in our helmets and our bike shorts - it's just part of the sport.

Do you always swim with no lane lines or is this open water simulation class?

Good stuff! You are way more fond of the camera than I.

And last but not least - ditto what lbtepa said. I have a real killer shot of me coming out of the water, hanging on to the pier and looking like death. It's a thing of beauty - I tell you!

Susan said...

Look at those amazing legs in the final photo of the post!!!

I hate shopping, too.

Anne said...

It took me a while to crack the code on the arm pumping thing too. And you know what else, if you turn your legs over more, rather than shuffle along, you run faster. Who knew?

Just12Finish said...

Arm pumping is over-rated. Sure it makes you run faster, but have you tried yet to pump your arms for 10K?

eileen said...

UNBELIEVABLE! This woman used to walk with a cane, people!! She came this . close to having back surgery!! This has to be the greatest testament to the power of running! Alleluia!

Deirdre said...

you were a great subject...the camera loved you!

Anonymous said...

oh. i thought you were just running like a model victorian woman. i thought you didn't want to start a scandal. now i see you run with your legs oh so very far apart. tramp.

Judi said...

You look great!

David said...

Aren't you the same person who managed to smile for every photo op in a recent race? It just goes to show you are a gamer when the lights are on and clock is running.