Friday, April 25, 2008


Brain Games:
Here are two fabulous timewasters, that might just stave off the Alzheimers that is staring me in the face.

First, the FreeRice Game: For each word you get right (and these are HARD words!), the site donates 20 grains of rice through the U.N. World Food Program to end hunger. (Campestral, non? and toothsome!)

Second, the number game will give you your BRAIN AGE. Or so my Japanese friends tell me. You have to memorize the numbers in the order in which they appear, then click on the dots....well, you'll see. My first try? My brain age was 120. This is one game where the higher score is not the better score. Strangely addicting. My second try: 52! Now we're getting somewhere.

Speaking of games, I'm tired. Bone-weary tired. Long endless week at work, but here are the training numbers:

Sunday: Ran 2.8, biked 16 miles in the rain so that doubles the numbers right there
Monday: OFF!
Tuesday: Swam 1100 meters (then worked til 1 a.m.)
Wed: Ran 5 miles (first mile at 10 min pace, last mile at 14 min pace...sigh)
Thur: Spin class (Instructor played Pearl Jam, "Soldier of Love")
Friday: OFF!

To come: Saturday: Running clinic with tri club and then 45 min run
Sunday: Bike 1 hour/run 10 min (but am also ringing bells at church in the a.m. and still trying to decide on whether I can run a 10k that morning and get to church on time. Too much to do!)

I think I really need to pick it up. Two days off this week? Was one too many. I need more bike. In fact, my tri club plan says not to worry so much about the run because It's All About the Bike. Spin class kicks my ... quads ... and let's face it, I mainly go to ogle the instructor, plus he plays great tunes, but it's only a 45-minute class. I should probably actually get on the bike, and like, ride it, more than once a week.

Questions? Advice?

Endurance Games:
Someone's graduation is coming up, and I was having a nervous breakdown because of course I have nothing to wear, not that anyone will be looking at me, but there will be pictures, you know, and those tend to last.

My savior Runner Susan came to the rescue and hooked me up with...a PERSONAL SHOPPER. RS tried helping me herself but quickly realized she was way out of her depth. So I called the free personal shopping service at Nordstrom's, and they asked me all kinds of questions, starting with "What's your style?" Errr...yeah. It's possible that I might have mentioned that since I actually have decent leg I might actually like to show some leg (like that floozie on Housewives of New York. You know who I mean. Not that I waste time watching such mindless drivel.)

I have an appointment tomorrow at 3 p.m. Shopping should be its own sport. Some of us would medal in it.

Play-With-Food Games:
I'm still OFF the sugar wagon (Hi Danielle!) I don't think I've lost ONE ounce, though I can't really see the scale, not even with glasses, but I can see that I'm still on the wrong side on a certain number which shall remain annonymous.

I'm eating fruit and veggies til they are coming out of my ears. And I discovered this fantastic new food:

Yes, it has sugar added, but let's not go overboard here

Great source of protein! Very filling. And not sicky sweet like most yogurts. Get it at your local Whole Foods.

Good night, Gracie.


Danielle in Iowa said...

I am pretty sure I haven't lost an ounce due to this sugar thing either.

But! I have largely kicked the pop habit - not a single Diet Dr. Pepper this week!

So that's gotta be good for something.

And my friend says that NB are the only shoes that aren't giving her blisters either.

I hope we can expect a full report on how this personal shopper thing goes down!

peter said...

Danielle kicked her pop? And you've still got all cap words in your sentences. You two need to go back on sugar!

You're going to live to 120? Cool! How do I do that? (Oh, right, I'm a man.)

Advice: Give up the 10K on Sunday, and make it a 5K run from your house then bell ringing, or a 10K virtual race from your front door then bell ringing, or just bell ringing, for sure! I have always said running is hard or else it would be easy, but let's not make it crazy! Go to bell ringing at that nice church of yours. If you can fit in a run, or a virtual race beforehand, great.

Taking two days off a week from athletic endeavor is mandatory!

Who be Pearl Jam? And who is Gracie? Isn't it Goodnight David?

Deirdre said...

isn't that rice game addicting!? I thought it was really great and you help people! :) good luck with the personal shopper tomorrow!

Bex said...

OK, I tried Brain Age:

1st time: age 52
2nd time: age 33
34d time: age 29

Good night, George.

LBTEPA said...

2 days off is perfectly fine and NORMAL. And IMPORTANT

Anonymous said...

step away from the susan. she's dangerous.

the yogurt looks good, but i hate those freebie spoons! they can't be recycled and they're for people who can't pack their own frickin spoon. i say save your spoons and send them back to the company.

comes with spoon. pffft.
and i better end it there. "comes with spoon" is just begging for a giggle.

David said...

I can only imagine what you and a personal shopper at Nordstroms are going to come up with.
I am having flashes of the Pretty Woman shopping spree.

"Suck up to her, obscenely!"

21stCenturyMom said...

I always knew I felt like I was 35 - it's my brain! First time. 35!!! And I'm good with that so I'm never playing again.

Giving up sugar isn't that great - giving up grains is better. That's what I did. Less granola, pasta, rice, bread. More protein powder milkshakes, salad, rice bread, and.... wait for it.... meat! Yes - I have given up vegetarianism. I still eat way less meat than most people but I eat more than I used to. 3 months, 6 pounds.... totally worth it.

Judi said...

That is way too much sugar - try Activia fat free - it has only 7grams of sugar.

Laura said...

First try on the age game I got 27; second try was 20. Does that mean I have the maturity of a 20 year old?

iliketoast said...

Cool brain game, in 2 goes I also got younger. I also found out why ihatetoast has piles of spoons saved up. Some company is going to get a massive parcel sent back.

Just12Finish said...

FINALLY, a reality show worth a damn - those NY housewives are to die for! :-)