Thursday, May 01, 2008

It Was Only a Matter of Time

Before I got in over my head.

Like literally.

Over. My. Head.

Treading water.

Up the creek without a paddle.

My tri club advertised an OWS clinic (I know, I had no idea either. It means "Open Water Swim"), on May 24, because apparently it's a really good idea to have SOME SWIMMING experience in open water before you know, like actually going and jumping into open water, like say, in the Schuylkill River, for your first triathlon, just for example.

So, I noticed late last night, after going out on a school night (to see Mongol D.C. Filmfest), that the deadline for the May 24 Open Water Swim Clinic was May 1. That would be today.

I panicked. I followed the links. Clicked on this and that. Next thing I knew I had spent $75 and was signed up for ...


But did I notice that then? Noooooooooooooooooooo. Toddled off to bed.

This morning, however, as I was swimming my 1000 meters, I started thinking. How far is one mile? It's far. Like...waaaay far. And then I thought about how I hadn't seen anything about a CLINIC when I signed up last night. No, all I saw was something about a race. And it was on the 25th, not the 24th. And it cost $75, not the $30 that the D.C. Tri site had said.

Is it possible that I had MADE A MISTAKE???

After I got to work, I e-mailed my little friend to try to get a handle on the situation:

From jeanne mccann to alejandra:
sorry. i was on a conf call and im'ing and doing 20 thngs at once!

guess what. i just BY MISTAKE signed up for a 1 mile swim. race.
instead of an ows CLINIC.

effing idiot.
and the compassionate response I got?

From alejandra to me:




you might as well sign up for a half-ironman then. 1.2 is all you have to swim!!!!
OK, now she had me just a little bit worried:
Jeanne mccann to alejandra
[expletive deleted]
should i get out of it?
i can swim 1100 meters really slowly. 35 min. how far is a mile?
so, i could do it maybe in an hour?
with lots of breaks? Tell it to me straight.

And straight she gave it to me:
alejandra to me

the thing is...

you're swimming 3:10/100meters.

thats s-l-o-w.

just being honest here...
no. you don't need to do this. nor really probably SHOULD you. a mile is a long way. you're not ready.
Coming from someone who is always standing by, ready to tell me to get my ass in gear and just do it, I kinda took her word for it.

So I wrote to the race director and explained that I'm an idiot and despite the GIANT WARNINGS all over the signup that there are no refunds, I asked for a refund, or at least a chance to get into the OWS clinic, which deadline of course I had missed as I was busy signing up for the "Intro to Half Ironman Swim."


(Stay tuned, the personal shopper exposé is still on! It is SO ON.)


21stCenturyMom said...

Oh my - I hope they switch you. I mean really - they should.

You will be way ahead of me when I did my first tri in open water. It was a first - which is how I got lost on the course. You'll do better.

a.maria said...


i still think its pretty effin funny!

LBTEPA said...

Crikey, $75 is expensive for a swim!
If it's calm sheltered water (and you have a wetsuit) then why not have a crack? If it was an ocean swim I'd suggest a bit more preparation. As for coming last - take my example and say proudly 'F#$% 'em! they took my money - they can WAIT.'

Danielle in Iowa said...

Okay that's pretty hilarious.

Hopefully they switch you! Because I'm not sure a mile OWS *race* should be your first time in the OW!

Susan said...

Uh oh! Well, a nice lady let me out of a race in February that I had already signed up for, pre-injury. She even mailed me my check back! Good luck. Of course, this is the South are we are charming people. Ha ha! (only semi-kidding)

Vickie said...

I hope for your sake--and future swim confidence--that you can get out of this. Not that you might necessarily not be able to do this. I mean after all, usually you will know to swim or sink, so I'm guessing you will swim. And it doesn't sound like it is competitive, so maybe it will go better than you thought. The thing that worries me is it will be a first open water swim, and you have no idea the difference between the two. The difference being that you will likely panic in dark, murky, water you can't see your hand in front of your face in. And it might be cold. And do you have a wetsuit for that kind of distance? And need I go on??

Judi said...

1500 meters is just under a mile. You probably could do it, but if you can get it refunded and enter in the clinic, you'll be better off and 35.00 richer.

Rainmaker said...

That is pretty funny - but I think you made the right choice. There is no point in going out and making making yourself unhappy with the sport if you know you might not be able to complete a portion of it. HOWEVER, there is also something to be said for challenging yourself.

warriorwoman said...

I don't know why I keep missing your updates but I just love your blog.
I've just been through a backlog of about 30 posts and there's a laugh on every page.
Enjoy that swim!