Saturday, June 10, 2006

I Am a Good Egg

Is it possible I haven't blogged since TUESDAY?? And somehow you have all muddled through without me? Nicely done!

This morning was my first training run with the DCRoad Runners. A 10-miler. The plan, which I will post later, so you can all sympathize with me, calls for five days a week of running, including a "semi-long" tempo run on Mondays, and a track workout on Wednesday nights.

This morning was the third time in my life that I'd run 10 miles. I was almost dead last. Well I was dead last for three miles. But that's ok! I was running at an 11:15 min pace, which beats last summer's running (more like 14 min. mile pace), so I was good! At 7 a.m., we started out across the lovely Potomac River and then ran along the nice flat C&O canal. Lots of wildlife out, and early-morning mist hovering above the river. Quite bucolic.

I was listening to "The No. One Ladies Detective Agency," a very sweet book. I could still actually see the runners in front of me, so OK. At mile three, I caught one of them. I turned off the book and chatted up this chick who was already struggling. Turns out she'd run two marathons before, coming in at 5:00 and 5:15, but hadn't run for a while. So this 10-miler was her first run in months. Plus, she had no gu with her, hadn't got enough sleep last night, or bothered hydrating. Sigh.

Being the Good Egg that I am, I slowed down for her. And ran slower than I could have for the next seven miles. And gave her some Clif Blocks. And when she told me I could go on ahead, I said "No way, I'm not gonna leave you." Which is when I got told, "You're a good egg."

So, yay me!

Right? I mean, I wasn't gonna break any records, so what did it hurt me to hang back and help her out?

(But next week: I am running my own pace. There are limits to the whole good egg thing.)

So, happy ending: I wasn't dead last. I was second to last. This chick was last. And happy ending: Except for my $@#!$~ blisters, I could have easily gone farther.

Now, onto other news:
Blister Update and Sock Roundup (Warning: Contains graphic images)

Someone (who lives in Colorado) has been hounding me incessantly (OK, once) to write a "sock review" since you all so gallantly came forth with wisdom and suggestions when the blister imbroglio erupted.

So, here it is already. Although it's really hard to compare socks. There are just too many variables—Body Glide? or Vaseline? Did I run long or short? Fast or slow? Hills or flat? Oh, and throw in a visit to the podiatrist, who did some minor surgery on me and my inserts—and the staff here at MCM headquarters just haven't the time for this controlled study stuff. (Still, I do live inside the Beltway. So I must know all about data manipulation.)

Week One: Balega (not Beluga, tha's a whole'nother thing). Worn mostly with vaseline smeared feet, although sometimes BodyGlide was used. Some long runs, some short.

Verdict: Blisters still there, slightly lessened. Could be due to the socks, or the new Brooks Adrenalines, or me poking myself with hot needles (sure, scoff now, but one day you'll see the allure!). New blister busy developing on bottom of right foot. $@!#@$

Week Two: I rustled up some leftover Wrights from last year, even though I wanted to try the Coolmax Wrights, but the store was out of them, otherwise they would have gone right on the Visa. Spare no expense when it comes to blister remedies.

Wore the Wrights for a week.

Verdict: Blisters lessened. Hot spot developing on ball of right foot seems to have disappeared. Is it the socks? Or the podiatrist, who gave me more cushioning? Or the incessant stabbing of self with hot needles? Who knows?

Week Three, Day One (this morning, actually): My running store guy showed me these last night, and it was love at first feel:

Asics Kayano

Look! They are even labelled "L" and "R" so that you don't get confused! They fit like a glove, and have extra padding right where I need it. (Or at least they are colored gray so that they look like they have extra padding right where I need it.)

I took 'em out for a test drive this morning.



Verdict: We will bravely carry on. Until. We. Have. The. Answer.


Caren said...

Nice job on your 10-miler! And you are such the good egg, can tell you're a mom. Can I just say that those are the highest arches I've ever seen? Those blisters look pretty ouchy, sounds like the Wrights are the socks for you. Me, I love Balegas, but I can pretty much wear any sock and not get blisters.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Nice job on the 10-miler and ya know it feels real good to be a "good egg". I've been there for another and I've had others do it for me. Being on either side of that relationship is cool.

As for those feet "OUCH"! Myself I swear by Blister Bandaids. They look and feel like a second skin plus they are medicated and heal the blistered area.

Bob said...

You are a good egg and one tough chick. I would think a shoe would help more then a sock, those are some high ass arches you got there girly. Take care of those dogs, they are the only pair ya got. :)

On the good egg bit, I read a post a while back about a guy who runs marathons and near the end of each he picks out someone that looks to be struggling and helps them in however he can. Says that reward is far greateter then any time he could post. Problem is he always ends up hugging some sweaty person at the end of the race. :)

Anonymous said...

Owwww!!!! I hate blisters! poor Jeanne :-( I hope you find some other fancy self massaging techno socks that help you. Did you just get some blisters or have you always had these problems?

Anonymous said...

Jeanne, I hope you find the right shoe, sock combo soon. Your poor feet. I have calous' there so blistering days are "mostly" behind me. Lubing my feet never worked for me. It made my feet slip more; more slip (for me) = more rub = blisters. In my blistering days, it was the arches that took it. My solution was my insoles. Good luck and great job on the 10-miler. You are such a "good egg"

Elle said...

I swear you have the worst luck with feet never scream like that. truly you are a better athlete than I.

Hence forth I shall call you sock Goddess.

a.maria said...

mmm. well, i swear by the vaseline, though i think i've already said. i've as of yet never had a blister (save my first marathon.. small one.) since using vaseline. but there is a fine line between not enough and too much..

however, maybe the thing you need here, is to let the blister heal first. no shoe-sock combo will magically make it disappear, so you don't really know if something's working or not until you start again from scratch, ya know?

anyway.. good job on the 10-miler.

3rd time in your life my ass, woman! think of how many times you went 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 26.2 (which because you're nuts you did TWICE)

don't sell yourself short! you were that chicks hero today!! well done!

21st Century Mom said...

OW! Maybe you should try astroglide - what the hell?

I am a huge fan of bodyglide and vaseline seems to greasy and oogie for me but I know other people swear by it. I also hope you find the right shoe/sock/goop combo and I also think you need to give those blisters a rest but I've tried that on you before to no avail so What.Ever! Maybe tape some moleskin over them and wear thin socks? Anyhow, good luck with that.

ps- you probably ran 10 miles when you were here - the Garmin always sells me short on the distance.

Donald said...

You're in D.C., right? Can you apply for federal grant money to investigate this further? Then we'd have an answer for sure in about 10 years and $40 million.

Believe me, less important studies have been funded...

Anonymous said...

Are the blisters always in the same places? Could it be your shoes and not your socks? I usually have the best luck with the thinnest socks I can possibly find.

Tammy said...

I'm with a.maria. They gots ta heal first. Looks very painful :(

nancytoby said...

I recommend a foot transplant.

I can't use anything but super-thin socks, with baby oil get underneath slathered everywhere. On long-long runs (over 10 miles) I also use a pair of white knee-high nylons underneath for another layer to slip and slide instead of having my skin do that. Ultrarunning secret. :-) You have to fold them down, though, they look majorly dumbass if you pull them up to your calves.

nancytoby said...

Er, that would be baby oil GEL.

jeanne said...

caryn: So nice of you to notice my lovely high arches! they are my best feat-ure....

and annon: I just got new shoes to deal with the problem...jury is still out...

i have so had it with these blisters. Alright, I give in, everyone, I am taking tomorrow AND monday off (OK, I will TRY to) even though I am sure that will totally blow my marathon goal...arghhhh!!

Lisa said...

Great job on the 10-miler. You ARE a good egg!

Hope you're able to find a perfect sock for you. I swear by the Wright Sock, and I haven't really had any blisters since the time I first started running a year ago. Those Asics socks look very interesting. I might have to shell out the $$ to try a pair.

Black Knight said...

5 days a week: wonderful program. Great job on the 10 m. I like those socks, I have a special expensive nike (black of course that you can see on my may 21st post) very useful in the hottest season but very very delicate.

Bolder said...

my gawd woman -- what the hell are we going to do with you?

send me your address and sock size, i'll go to REI today and buy you some pairs!

you found a used pair of wrights from last year? used them for a week and the blisters lessened, so you immediately went out and bought a pair of asics kayonos?


*double sigh*

ok, we clearly are going to have to step up our efforts here people... again, we have a tough nut to crack in blogland with our not-born-to-run-jeanne.

here's some of my observations/questions:

#1 -- you seem to have the same feet as me, high arches, and you clearly pronate inward causing friction on your big toe on both feet... are you wearing a shoe for stability? you look like you need either a stability or motion controlled shoe, i saw something about a podiatrist, but don't know where you are at in shoeland...
#2 -- how do you tie your laces? do you lace your shoes all the way to the top to prevent your foot from driving into the toe cap?
#3 -- have you tried a shoe with a larger/roomier toe box?
#4 -- have you tried bodyglide?
#5 -- have you ever worked on 'striding'... counting your cadence, shortening your stride? this will promote better footwork and relieve some of the motion
#6 -- hopefully you have blister shields on those, and they are giving you immediate relief, or something high-end like band-aid active-flex -- let those things heal, please!

jeanne said...

wow, Bold, I am all ... choked up... you care so much! answers via backchannel..and thanks stefano! one way or another, i am going to beat this, as God is my witness!!!! :)

Running Jayhawk said...

Ouch...I totally feel your pain.....

Anne said...

Eye-yi-yi, you have some mean lookin' blisters. It makes me wince just looking at them. That dehydrated woman you stayed with is right: You're 'egg'ceptional. Good for you to stick with her!

Running by.... said...

You are ONE TOUGH EGG! I am the biggest wimp when it comes to blisters--and yours are monsters. Good on you for not giving up!

Running by.... said...

PS...I adore The No. One Ladies Detective Agency book series!

Thomas said...

When you say you're not born to run, you're really talking about your feet, aren't you? I'm so glad I haven't got your feet - that still looks really really sore!!!

KT said...

Sounds like you cultivated some very good running karma with the Good Egg Lady.

psbowe said...

Oooh, that's looks ouchie! Better get different socks.

Well done on the 10 miler!

Running Rabbit said...

OMG!! Your poor feet! Can you rest them for a couple of days?

David said...

I'm with Bolder. If that doesn't work I switch to nancytoby.

robtherunner said...

Before you know it 10 miles will be a walk in the park for you and you will be dragging others to the finish line by the dozens.

Amy said...

Good Egg:

I have the same blister issues (although from the pic not quite as bad as yours, yikes!) I've tried balegas, asics, and many other brands plus Bodyglide. At any rate, I picked up some Feetures ( at the San Diego Marathon expo and even took a huge chance and wore them on the day of the marathon.

Verdict: came out with absolutely zero blisters. None. Nada. Not even a small one starting. I'm in love :)

angie's pink fuzzy said...

what a good egg :)

try the wright coolmax socks again. at pemberton, i got major blisters. at S&S, wearing wright coolmax - no blisters. none. 32 miles and no blisters.

also, you can try injinji socks or check out

you *will* conquer the blisters :)

runr53 said...

Lets see I break my arm and while I'm trying to heal I do push ups! Yeah that'll work right? You have to stop running until the blister heals or it won't heal!!! Run Good, after! Russ