Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sandy Eggo & A Tri, Please

Whew, there's a lot happening on Sunday!

I hinted to jeff (the amazing hip), that I wish I had a list of all the RBF-ers who are running the San Diego Rock 'n Roll Marathon, and five minutes later, I had a list! So, as a public service, here's who we need to send good vibes to this weekend (and if someone has the url to Laura's blog, leave me a comment, please):

a. maria (Little Miss Runner Pants)
(late add))Amy (30 YOF Seeks Marathon to Run)
Anne (Run DMZ)
April-Anne (It's a Beautiful Life)
Dianna (Running Chick in the Orange Hat)
jeff (the amazing hip)
Karen (Winning By Losing)
Laura (This Beautiful Life)
Nic (Phase Five)
Susan (Runner Susan) Late add: Bib # 10346.

(If I were really organized, I would have gotten everyone's bib number, too. So hard being in charge of everything. Sigh.)

And, not to be forgotten, our friend and resident über-metrosexual:
Bolder in Boulder, who will be racing the Longmont Triathalon.

We expect detailed recaps on Monday.

Good luck everyone!


Amy said...

Thanks for the public service. I just wish I knew what some of these people looked like!! I went by the board tonight that lists everyone's bib number and actually got all misty eyed when I saw my name and bib number on the list. It was like having a baby (or what I guess people feel like when they see their baby for the 1st time). Anyway, thanks for the info. Maybe I'll run in to some of them?!

Anne said...

Thanks, Jeanne. More have RSVPed, so a bigger list may be coming after I finally find everyone's blogs. Oh, and Laura's URL:

Running by.... said...

Thanks for posting this. I LOVE to read marathon experiences. I can't wait!!