Thursday, January 26, 2006

Moment of Truth

I headed out of my apartment building this morning, determined to put to rest my psychotic belief that I am unable to run in my neighborhood.

I waltzed outside at 7:30 a.m., into a brisk 29F (real feel, 11F), with strong headwinds coming in every direction. I am so HardCore. I set my watch for 15 minutes, and off I trotted.

Or slogged. Whatever, it was too running!

OK, slow running. Down hills, uphills, uphills, uphills (what goes up must go down; right?? RIGHT?? not right). I was determined to beat this superstition into submission. My watch beeped, I turned around and did a few thousand more back and forths on the concrete superhighways that constitute suburban Bethesda. Second timer beeped; 30 minutes done. Let's try to go long, Jeanne. Go all the way to ... 35 minutes!!!

Oh yes!!! She did it!!

Apparently yesterday's "All Carbs, All the Time" diet, plus my total lack of hydration, coupled with no sleep, did not affect me.

My reward: A stop at Ye Olde Corner Bakery, for a nice decaf, and a raisin bran muffin (come on, you all know that bran is totally justified!) A poor substitute for a blueberry scone, but nice.

This morning I did not hear that little voice in my head telling me, "Just walk! You can always just walk!" That little voice means well, but really is so very not helpful, because it quickly becomes a mantra during most of my runs. Somehow I need to lock that little fellow up and only let him out when I am seriously dying.

My left ITB is now acting up, but not to the point of not running. And today, my back chimed in. $!@$&!! But there was no time for Killer yoga today, so I did a regular yoga tape at home. That helped some.

I'm fairly certain that I'm going to have to surgically remove my ITB. On my own, if necessary.

Meanwhile, I do believe that the Spell [Has Been} Broken.*


If you can find this song for free online, I'll ... do something really nice for you! Meanwhile, here are the lyrics:
When the Spell Is Broken.


The Running Red Sox Fan said...

You truly are HARDCORE.....29 degrees would of sent me right back into the house!
Nice run.

Elle said...

I love those days...when endurance comes out of nowhere and surprises you. And for the record...I'm all about the removal of the ITB..wanna remove mine while yer at it?

Angela (Tulip's blog) said...

If you figure out what makes that ITB thing feel better. Please let me know.

*jeanne* said...

Whoo-hoo! Conquer those Bethesdan pavements! :-)

21st Century Mom said...

Wow - running in 29 degree weather for 22 seconds is impressive but 35 minutes! You are a goddess. I have a couple of Richard Thompson CDs but alas, not that one. Care for a little "Mock Tudor"?

Ellie said...

Way to go, Jeanne! And thanks for your comments on my blog :-)

susie said...

I had the same kind of moment when I hit the gym last night. Well, not really the same kind. But I had not ever gone to the gym at night--too many people, I thought. Last night, I did. Had a great workout. Yeah for breaking spells! Have a great weekend.

Running Chick said...

yes, please...i'll also take some itb-removal surgery after you've done yours. (oddly enough we were just joking about this very topic last the itb a *necessary* tendon? sadly, yes.)

great run!! well done!

Rae said...

Great job!! Keep breaking those spells. Just think how much money you'd make if you came up with a cure for ITB!