Saturday, January 28, 2006

From the WaPo*

"A Sneaker That Shoos the Fat?"

Has anyone heard of this? Who even says "sneaker"? What is the story with these things? I'm all for "shoo-ing" fat by changing my shoes.

Off to Charlottesville. Good weekend to all.

That would be the Washington Post to you out-of-towners.


Shalini said...

I remember seeing them in a catalog once, they seem bizarre! Here's a picture:

Angela said...

Thank you for the ITB link. Sucks, it sounds like I need to stop running for a bit. :(.
Here is the link that I found for the 301
Hope it helps.

21st Century Mom said...

Sounds like a wee bit 'o poppycock to me!

The Running Red Sox Fan said...

HEY - I say sneakers!!!!

jeanne said...

oops, i knew there'd be ONE person! :)

Anonymous said...

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