Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Running With the Black Knight

Be careful complimenting the Black Knight ... he is really a knight in shining armor. I got this lovely package from him last week (am only now getting around to showing it off):

LOOK!! Two—two CDs from the Mark Knopfler's concert in Rome (June, 13, 2005). With two lovely Italians announcing the songs! Whoo-hooo!

But wait! That's not all!! "In the envelope you will find a little thing
as a souvenir of the local half marathon, the 7th in
Italy for number of arrivals," writes Stefano.

Our friend, Stefano, came in SEVENTH in the half. SEVENTH.

Ah, Stefano: Congratulazioni!

And since my Italian is not so great, let me just add: Buona fortuna! Buon appetito! And finally: Mille grazie.


Update on me mum: I had to put her in a nursing home yesterday. Thanks to all for asking about her and for all your well wishes. You guys are amazing.


21st Century Mom said...

Bella! Bella! I'm so jealous of your CDs!

I'm sure it was had putting your Mom in a nursing home. Best wishes to both of you.

susie said...

Stefano's the man. And now I know how to pronounce his name (emphasis on the "e"...)
I hope the nursing home works out best for both of you. Tough times....my thoughts are with you.

Lora said...

So there really are Knights in Shining Armour out there??? Damn...and to think at one point I was considering becoming a lesbo! hehehe

Sorry to hear about your Mom. Reality of life sure sucks sometimes....sending lots of soothing vibes your way.

a.maria said...

omg i LOVE mark knopfler!!! i'm so jealous! thats awesome!

hopefully the nursing home'll work out and things will be peachy!!! :)

Black Knight said...

Thank for your kindness, I am blushing despite the...shining black armour

Rae said...

How cool! That is SO sweet!

Hope your mom (& you) are doing well. I know that's an incredibly tough decision.

David said...

So when are you going over to see Stefano? :)

I hope Mom's home is close by so you can go dote over her whenever you feel like it.