Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Get Your Bikram On!*

I have a problem.

I am verbose. (See previous post (although you do have to admit that my first car was unbelievably CUTE. But then you would have had to have read the epic-length post to know that. And kudos to those of you who did! Though, sadly, no mugs will be given out.))

They say the first step to overcoming a problem is admitting it.

Oh, they are so wrong.

But herewith, a reformation in the length of posts. (Well, maybe. We'll see. Actually, doubtful.)

Meanwhile, I am gettin' my Bikram on! Whoo-hee! This is "hot" yoga. As in, 120 degrees F hot. My first foray, with Number One Daughter, and Bex and her s.o., E. (God, I feel like I'm in a witness protection program), was Friday night to the Bikram Yoga Dupont Circle center. I am pleased to say I did not pass out or throw up. My heart did, however, fly out of my throat, and ricochet around the room several times. No one was hurt. Heart rate was easily up past 180.

This is not your father's yoga. It's an intense cardio- and strength-workout. I-N-T-E-N-S-E. Class lasts 90 minutes; you do a series of 26 poses twice. I was sweating buckets just standing still. Afterwards, I felt like I'd been beaten up and spit out. Still, I like to let these things settle before passing judgment.

So, Monday night in Charlottesville, I went again. Woo-hooo!!! Hot, hot, hot. But in C'ville, where life is apparently more civilized than here in D.C. (as if there were any doubt), at the very end of class, when you are in the aptly named "corpse" pose, with the lights off, while you are trying to slow your heart rate down to extremely high, from ridiculously high, the instructor comes by and puts a very very very cold washcloth in your open hand. It's positively orgasmic.

A side affect of Bikram is that afterwards, you sleep the sleep of the dead. Which came in handy in the Super8 motel I was staying in. 'Nuff said.

Tuesday morning, I got up at 6 a.m. and ran for 30 minutes in pitch black in the seemy underbelly of C'ville's 'burbs. Yay, me. With no ID. Duh, me.

Tuesday night: Back to Bikram!! Whoo-hooo! Heart rate up to 186 (I checked). Body: drenched. (Did you know your knee caps can sweat?) (There, I just edited out a verbose sentence. You're welcome.) And, for those keeping count, that's two workouts in one day. Just like all the cool kids are doing.

So, I'm gonna stick with Mr. Bikram for a while. I do need to try to not have a heart attack in class, though. So unseemly.

Meanwhile, in RUNNING news, I am now officially signed up for the following:

1) The Eighteenth Annual St. Patrick's Day 10K, Sunday, March 12, 2006, D.C., (which I will not be ready for, yet again...)

2) The Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run, April 2, 2006, D.C., (I'm announcing now that I will set a PR at this race. Thank you.)

3) I have signed up with the D.C. Road Runners' Club for their 10K Training Program, which starts Feb. 18, at the height of snow season, because I oh-so-obviously should not be left on my own to train for anything.

4) I am starting to think about, mull over, cogitate on, and generally ponder, my long-awaited DO-OVER of the Marine Corps Marathon next October. Dunno, though. I really need to learn how to run first, I'm thinking.

So, soon, I'll have lots more running chills, thrills, and spills to talk about, along with how Cooking With Yoga feels.

* Apologies to Bolder in Boulder; B: I couldn't help myself! I've been telling NOD nonstop to get her "fill-in-the blank" on. It's getting on her last nerve.


a.maria said...

omGAWD i can't believe you do bikram or whatever its called. how can you stand that kind of heat? are you nuts?

i feel like i can't breathe after 10 seconds in a sauna. and i'm just sitting there!

wow, is all i can say.

although i do love sweating. and feeling dog tired at the end of a workout... so i guess.. maybe i could try..

nope. can't do it. too. hot.

but kudos to you man. KU. DOS.

and yay for upcoming events!!! weeeee. running blows. ain't it fun?!

a.maria said...

(yeah i think that one other little thing might be part of it. i didnt think of that till afterwards. derrr....)

Kim said...

Wow. You've been busy! Good job setting up your races. I always feel more committed when they are not only on the calendar but are paid for too. Gee. Wonder why? :)
And the Bikram sounds like an interesting experience. Yoga in general is one of those things rattling around inside my head as something I should try - that I think I'd enjoy. But the videos just don't seem to cut it. I've got to try a class...don't think I'll start with the Bikram though.
My thoughts are with you...hope your mom takes a turn for the better soon.

susie said...

Ok, I'm impressed. I've been saying I was getting back into yoga for 6 months now, but--noooooooo. How are those C-ville hills? Should I forget the half in April? And your verbosity? It's only a problem when people can't write. You, I could read all day:)

Simba's Mom said...

Glad you are enjoying the hot yoga! I have a cousin who swears by it because it helps with his back pain. It is always great to find something new and fun! Personally, I don't like to sweat, so...

nancytoby said...

You go yoga girl!!

Cherry Blossom will be fun! But the weather can be ANYTHING then!!

I have to find some new weird race distances to set some more PRs.... like pi miles, or something....

Angela said...

You go with your 'two a day' bad self! I know there are Bikram offering here in Columbus, you have me feeling quite curious.
I love your writing style. So, fun to read.

Sorry, I don't have a fun picture for my comments yet (new blogger)

Susan said...

Great job on the Bikram yoga . . . and the 186 heart rate.

m said...

Congrats on the yoga. I keep saying I should try it.

I also keep telling myself that the half in March is my firs/last long race and it's back to 5k's for me. After reviewing your list I'm thinking maybe I can add some 10k's to it. You are motivational!

Rae said...

Great job!!! I've always wanted to try hot yoga but haven't had a chance yet. It's huge around here but the closest class is thirty minutes away into traffic and I'd never be able to make it in time.

Also, congrats on the race calendar. The Cherry Blossom is on my list of races I have to do one day!

21st Century Mom said...

blogger ate my comment - twice! grr..

You are officially a hottie now. Keep up the good work!

Black Knight said...

The lenght of the post is never a problem. It helps to understand more your opinion and your point of view. Does yoga help to run?

Bex said...

Hey, do I get a finder's fee for introducing you to bikram?:-) I'm glad you're sticking with it. How do your legs feel now? Any better when you go running? It seems like it ....

Michigan Jack said...

Congrats on the Cherry Blossom PR. Wanna go ahead & write the race report?

Bolder said...

hey, like i've ever worried about getting on anyone's last nerve... keep workin it!

i think they hot yoga/yoga is a great investment, like money in da bank... i'm lookin' into it too.

big sista Shelley tells me i'm too tight... gotta loosen the ITBs, good on you for gettin' your _______ on!!!!!!!!!

David said...

When the second thing they ask you on the Bikram Yoga site is whether it is safe to do while menstruating or pregnant I am inclined to think they're not talking to me.
On the other hand, I am very inclined to come up and do the Marine Corps Marathon this year. Very. So book it.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Egads! That is just way too hot. I hate too hot. As if yoga were not hard enough already. I sweat when its warm. I think I'd melt completely in there. You have got to be one seriously tough individual to do that. I'm damn impressed! I would die.

(and is it just me or is A. Maria's new avatar like really really funny?)