Friday, October 07, 2005

It Hurts So Good

Uh, no it doesn't. It just hurts.

Jon recently described his experiences with ART (Active Release Techniques) as visiting the House o' Pain ... well Jon, I know what I like, and not only isn't it ART, it also isn't PT (metaphor breaking down here), in the form of deep-tissue "massage." Let's just say I've had more relaxing massages. Like I think if someone took me outside and beat me up? That would be more relaxing.

I've gone three times this week. The gal working on me—or rather, working me over—is about 14-years-old. And strong. Very very strong.

She does a deep-tissue massage of my ITB (which I'm still not sure is the problem) that is mind-blowingly, Lamaze-breathing-causingly painful, for several hours (about 15 minutes). To her credit though, she did tell me that more guys than gals end up crying from it (but we gals already knew that). Hearing that was some small comfort. Small.

The funny thing is, after the intense pain she inflicts I can actually walk better—my leg holds and doesn't buckle. Then we start the stretching and exercising, of which there are about 50 of each ("hold for 30 seconds, both sides, repeat"), followed by electrical stim and ice.


My "running" this week:
Tuesday: Elliptical: 50 minutes
Thursday: Elliptical: 45 minutes because I started out on the dreaded horrible treadmill for five minutes, and couldn't do it. My 14-year-old dominatrix physical therapist is discouraging me from runnning outdoors, but the dreadmill seems worse to me. Or has the potential to hurt worse. Or maybe I'm just scared of it.

And in between, I'm stretching my brains out. (OK, legs. ITB. Whatever. I'm doing everything I'm supposed to. OK??!!)

Anyway, I can feel the fitness leeching from my body. Tomorrow (Saturday) is one of our three last "taper" runs before the big M (although I've done nothing BUT taper): eight miles, outside.

So I'm gonna go for it, even though I've done no running since last Saturday's mind-blowing 26 miles. (Did I mention that I ran 26 miles?? Just checking.)

I have no idea if I even remember how to run.

Good luck to Susan tomorrow! And to everyone running Chicago—knock 'em dead.


Anonymous said...

ow ow, sounds painful! :-O I'm like you about the treadmill, I feel like it's more injury inducing than running outside... When I started couch to 5k I was a gym rat, but now I just can't run on the evil thing.
Good luck for your 8 miler!! you'll ace it!

Running Chick said...

Somehow it just seems wrong that a massage would result in bruises. What about the soothing music and fragrant oils? what about the warm blankets? No? I guess insurance wouldn't cover it if it was enjoyable. =)

BigRedYamaha said...

My Massage therapist has been making me stretch a lot to. And she loves to just pound out my ITB and hamstrings. She seems to think that after a 22 miler I really need a more intense workout. My husband thinks I'm treating myself to a 1.5 hour massage, when really I'm being stretched to my utmost capacity. My marthon is on 10/23. Go legs go.