Sunday, October 16, 2005

A Day at the Races

While we're waiting for my total recovery, let's drop in on another sport.

But first, here's the update on this:
Um, turning interesting colors! Just be happy I didn't show you the photo I made NOD take of my a**. (And no, those are so not varicose veins.)

Today I spent 90 minutes on the elliptical, conquering six miles. Leg feels teensy tiny bit better.

But, now, without further ado, here are some happy photos from the Philadelphia Navy Day Regatta, which I drove to Philly to see on Saturday (that's the beautiful Schuykill River). Also, the race was 4000 meters, which I learned yesterday is 2.5 miles. (Sounds like cake, huh?):

See how the cox is practically on her back? Wait, it looks like ... she is!! She's sleeping!! That girl is a-sleep. Now there's my kind of sport! One you can sleep through! (hee hee, just kidding! Those coxes work their butts off.) Number One Daughter is right behind the cox. These girls were smokin'! This is what is called a "head" race, which means the boats in your race go out one after the other, and the winner is decided by time. So there's no one next to you to catch or pass. It's not quite as exciting. Also no results are posted yet, so let's just assume her boat won, OK?

So, that race above was at noon. This one was at 4 p.m. A lot of crew? Is standing around. A lot. Mom can't chill with the team ... ewwww, that's a big no-no! Anyway, coach wouldn't like it. So, mom took a nap. But back to NOD! At 4 p.m., NOD heads out with her 8 for her final race of the day. (Did I mention that NOD's day started at 8 a.m.? And finished at 7:30 p.m.? For two races (that she was in. At a river that is 15 minutes from her school? Yeah.)

NOD is such an imp! So many facial expressions!

Such a poker face, that one!

NOD! NOD!! I'm over HERE!! Sheesh!

Hmm, that's not a bad-looking coach. Ooops, wait, my camera is pointed the wrong direction!

Share the river with the geese, girls.

So there you have it. My race report for the weekend.


Stephanie said...

jeanne, what a fabulous report. you are the best mom ever!

Susan said...

Hope those bruises heal soon - OUCH. I love rowing - never done it myself, but want to try sometime.

susie said...

Great photos...of NOD, NOT your leg. Oh my. Those bruises don't look good, jeanne. Hang in there...they are healing, right????

jeanne said...

Susan/Susie: The bruises are having trouble healing bcs the PT keeps beating on them! And then I keep rolling on them. BUT (and I hate to even write these words), my leg seems to be a bit better ... I'm going to TRY a short, very slow run tomorrow morning ... wish me luck!

and thanks steph!

21st Century Mom said...

That PT better lighten up or I will be on Jet Blue comin' to give her a big ol' whoopin! What is the matter with her? Is it helping? I sure hope so.

NOD is a stud. I like to tell people I take after my children when it comes to these things. I try.

The Harriet Miers blog is hysterical - thanks for turning me on to that!

Did you get your seafoam slides yet? They are an endangered species so don't delay.

I will do my best to get it together to write something on my blog but I have serious blog laziness right now. Stay tuned...

Lara said...

I am totally unfamiliar with rowing but the pictures are definitely cool. I saw some rowing practices while I was visiting DC and it was very impressive stuff to watch! They do make it look easy.

David said...

The water was calm. The skies were clear. A beautiful day for a race or seven!
Crew is the toughest sport in sport. You have to be in tip top form to be a good rower and then add the sychronocity of the crew. Phew.

jeanne said...

David: You are sooo right! Crew is incredibly tough, and very mentally and physically challenging. I've seen guys throw up after their 2.5 mile row! It's like a marathon! Only it's over in 15 minutes. (hmmm... ) Plus, you're only ever as good as the worst rower in your boat--arghhh!!!

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

hey good luck- I'm an ITBS sufferer too and I've got the same bruises from PT to show for it! Are tey uising that horrible plastic comb looking thing on you in addition to the roller?

jeanne said...

Cassie: Horrible plastic comb thing? Um no, thank GOD~! Whatever it is, it sounds horrible! They are using their bare hands, brute strength. I think it's helping. How do you get over the FEAR part of it starting up again? That's no what's got me mental!