Friday, October 28, 2005

My Head Hurts

I should be writing something profound right about now, but instead I am going to whine about how my head hurts and it's been hurting for two days and it HAS to stop before Sunday!! It's what I call a "loose brain" headache. When you stand up or change positions suddenly, your brains slosh around in your head, causing pain. Honest. I'm quite clear that this is a certified medical condition, no known cure. Alas.

I ran three miles yesterday morning, mostly to try out running in the semi-cold, and my legs felt like lead, so that was a bad experiment. But, my leg didn't hurt. Just my #@!$ head. I haven't done any weekly outdoor runs for a while, I've stuck to the elliptical. Well, last week I ran outdoors twice, but somehow it doesn't feel like it. This past month I have really eased up on pushing myself while running because I had this leg injury thing going on. As a result, I feel like 50 pounds heavier, and 10 times slower. So yesterday, I started with the "if onlies" ... if only I weighed 20 pounds less, I'd be faster, I wouldn't have hurt my leg, there would be world peace. Ya know?

In other news, I saw the orthopod one last time yesterday. (Can I please have a job where I make like $500 every 30 seconds??)

Actually, Dr. G. was very nice and encouraging in the 30 seconds it took him to examine me, and he wants me to bring him a photo of me at the finish (the walls of the clinic are covered with framed photos of world-class athletes and covergirl chicks with their signatures: "Thank you Dr. G, I could never have placed first in the Olympic quintathalon without your help!", so I guess if I bring in a photo, mine will go next to Miss Universe's). And rightfully so. Except for the 50 pound thing.

He said the clinic is going to have a booth at mile 10 and to come and see him. He wanted to know where mile 10 was. Me: "Um, don't know." He wanted to know my bib number. Me: "Um, don't know."

OK, I have barely looked at the map because it just freaks me out, so I'm planning to just follow the person in front of me. Marathon? What marathon? So, Dr. G. thinks I'm an idiot. Cuz it's hard to explain my whole denial thing in 30 seconds. Or even in a blog entry. I'm basically thinking of Sunday as just another training run, so please, have a heart and don't destroy my delusion.

Anyway, he pronounced me fit, and warned me strongly to NOT take any ibuprofen beforehand (advice I will ignore, cuz it worked before), and he said if something hurts out there, I should just push through because I'm not going to injure myself. So that was good (?), and encouraging, news.

And the physical therapy that I've been complaining nonstop about for the past three weeks? It worked. Really. Those gals know what they're doing. So I told Dr. G. that, and then the therapist came into the room and I told her that too. Wracking up the good karma for me!!

Today, I'm off to get my car inspected (it's overdue, and it will fail) and then off to the expo to buy stuff!! (a. maria, apparently no one on the East Coast has ever heard of biofreeze, but if they have it at the expo, I'm loading up with it, and then I'm going to cover my head with it to get rid of this freakin' frackin' headache!)

Tonight, I will chill to some running movie (I'm taking recommendations), and I will sleep and tomorrow I will likely just be nervous all day long.

Oh yeah, if you want you can sign up for race day alerts, delivered to your e-mail, or if you're crazy, your cell phone. My last name is McCann, and now you know all.


Anonymous said...

Best, best, best wishes! You will do a fantastic job!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to the race day report on Monday...or Tuesday...Wednesday?? :-)

Go kill it!

a.maria said...

well, i'm crazy...i just signed up for cellphone alerts!!!!

omg i'm so excited for you, quite possibly more excited for your marathon than mine (hmmm...)

hells yeah to you girl!

YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go jeanne, shake your bootie, go jeanne, its your birthday... woot woot!!!

Stephanie said...

You can do it, Jeanne. Even if you vomit your guts out, you can do it. Even if you knee feels like it's going to fall apart (A. Maria?), you can do it! But I'm with you on the whole denial thing. Just make sure you aren't in so much denial you don't enjoy it. (I mean the good parts, no one enjoys the bad parts.)

Anonymous said...

I can't hace cellphone alerts :-( but i signed up for email ones!! :-D I'll be following your progress!!!!

Anonymous said...

I meant "have" cellphone alerts (they don't have international providers)

Simba's Mom said...

Good luck with your "training run"!!! I know you will do wonderfully!! Can't wait to read all the details...

Running Chick said...

good luck!! slow and steady wins the race, err, i mean training run.

The Running Red Sox Fan said...

You are going to run a fabulous training run. It's all good!

jeanne said...

you guys! you're making me cry!

nancytoby said...

Mile 10 is right on the way up to the Lincoln Monument. If you see a lady wearing a neon yellow cycling vest there, yell hi! It will be me cheering you on and waiting for my pal Holly from

You're going to have fantastic weather and a fabulous marathon. Enjoy it!!!

taskette said...

Yes, you will do great.

Thanks for the advie on Land's End swimsuits. I ordered one and I'm very excited about it.

Lara said...

Have a fun wonderful exhilerating challenging life affirming mind blowing successful and utterly satisfying training run tomorrow! We're all running right alongside you (though I will be "running" in my green plaid bathrobe with a big cup of coffee, but I'm still totally there for you!!). :D

Meagan said...

Good luck, good luck, good luck! May the wind be eternally at your back.