Thursday, October 13, 2005

I'm Boring

Number One Daughter mentioned that my blog was getting, well, a little stale, especially since has heard every single story in vivid detail well before I commit it to the screen.

But she's right, which is why I haven't posted in what, three days? It is boring to read about an injury, nonstop. Too bad I have nothing more exciting to talk about—wait, there's always bell ringing!! (No, let's not go there again.) So, here's a quick update on my status:

Still seeing Physical Abuse Therapist (hey, let's call her P.A.T.!); might be helping, can't tell. Not allowed to run at all until I can do so pain-free. PAT says, in response to my plaintive, whiney cries of "will I be able to run this marathon on the 30th?," "Yes, knowing you. You might not run without pain, but you'll definitely do it."

Is that a compliment? OK, I'll take it.

Besides being booooriiiinnng, I haven't posted because PAT takes up 1 1/2 hours of my day, usually in the morning, requiring me to stay late at work (where I am now), and eating up all my precious blogging time. I've had to switch my workouts to after work too, so I just finished my 2nd elliptical session of the week. 3.86 miles in 55 minutes. Whooo-freakin'-dooo. I did the same workout on Tuesday and in 55 minutes, logged the exact same mileage. Freakish, huh.

And while we are on the subject of incredibly supportive running program reps, (??were we on that subject??), I thought I'd share part of an e-mail my AIDS Marathon Training Rep sent me, after I told him all my woes, and which e-mail made my day (although it doesn't say anything that all of you have not already said to me, one way or another):


Congrats on being strong enough to listen to your PT about not running until further notice. The idea here is to get you healed enough to run on race day. Having suffered ITBS myself in years past, I can tell you it just takes time, and running on it before it's ready is a sure fire way to keep you sidelined longer than had you not run as advised. It takes guts and self discipline to heed the advice this close to race day. Keep in mind there are no medals or Finisher's Certificates for any of your maintenance or training runs. Besides, even if you don't run another step until race day, you'll still do just fine. You've done all of your long runs. The rest are just gravy.

(He called me strong. Did you see that part??!)

I really totally just LOVE this man.


Lara said...

Sounds like you are doing everything right to get healed up and ready to rock the M!!

Stephanie said...

I agree with P.A.T. I was pretty much sidelined myself prior to my marathon and I finished. It is possible.

Running Chick said... ARE strong...he was just pointing out the obvious!

Keep healing!

Chris said...

Okay, you only fit part of the descriptions in this post. You are sooooo NOT boring, but you are definitely strong!

a.maria said...

well duh!! you are strong dummy! ;)

and you're not boring. here's a little secret from a daughter to a mother (i'm the daughter here, in case anyone else reading this comment thinks i have kids. i dont. just wanted to clarify that one....!) its our job to think our mom's are boring. and pretend like we're so embarrassed by them... but we rarely mean it...

so pay no attentionto NOD. she's just doin' her job!! ;)

susie said...

But it's NOT boring. We get such good advice from each other....(maybe I'm trying to justify MY four posts about MY injuries:) Hey, be strong, be calm. It's all good.

jeanne said...

awww, you're all so sweet!!! and I can't help but notice, you are all girls!!

maybe all the guys agree with NOD, who, I now know, is just doin' her job!

David said...

Boring you're not. When you write about your injuries we are given tales from the crumbly edge of the cliff. We all want to run as close as possible but not too close. You remind us.
You'll be ready on the 30th. And you know it.

taskette said...

Your blog isn't boring! Don't worry. And it is a Daughter's job to say your boring because that's what we do! I just started a running blog and love looking around at others running blogs!
Please visit mine if you get a chance.