Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Water Water Everywhere But How Do I Carry It?

Mon Dieu, 24 comments on a post bitching about water-bottle belts?? Apparently I struck a nerve. Marketers, heads up: Unmet Need Awaits Breakthrough Invention!

I tried to summarize and tabulate from the comments (although some people had trouble committing):

But here's the final tally (as best as I could sort it):

The handsdown winner: Various configurations of multi-bottle fuel belts--7 votes
Runner up: single-bottle holder--4 votes
Handheld--3 votes (I am secretly jealous of people who can run with handhelds because I think they are bad-ass.)
Camelbak--2 votes
Small camelbak--1 vote
Leave cooler by the side of the road--1 vote

There were some equivocal comments left on Facebook, too. One kind soul (thanks Lynn!) even offered to let me borrow her multi-bottle one, although the thought of wearing it makes me cringe.

Finally, a few of you referred me to the excellent Running and Rambling hydration 101 series.

This is obviously a field of study that needs more ... studying. Someone should offer a Ph.D. in fuel bottles/hydration systems/water carriers (first item of business: decide what to call these things.)

The bottom line is: I will have to move out of my comfort zone, and try something new!

Which one will she choose??


Gina said...

I have belated feedback - sorry.

I use a Camelback, fanny-pack style that holds about 45oz of fluid. I love it. It is heavy when I start, but...it is tolerable. It also has a good sized zipper compartment for gels, keys, cell phone, etc. I take it generally on any run over 1 hour. Oh, has a big opening for filling up, too. Very adjustable, size-wise.

Good luck with your decision!

jeanne said...

Thanks Gina. I think the key here is: Don't run long! heh.

eileen said...

I think the key here is: train your body to run in a dehydrated state. The mild confusion that goes along with it makes the run more fun! Hydration = Urination

ShirleyPerly said...

Well, I tried something this weekend that was different. Instead of wearing my Fuel Belt around my waist, I carried it over my right shoulder. It was surprisingly comfortable to carry that way and it provided a nice resting place for my right arm, which doesn't move much when I run easy anyway.

Look forward to hearing what you've decided on!

John said...

Jeanne - one other product that should be on the list of hydration options: The Body Bottle. It is a water bottle that straps to your bicep. Its a curved water bottle and attaches with velcro so you can pull it off just when you need to drink. It is still a new product, and will go through further re-design but it definitely a promising option for people like me who are frustrated with water bottle belts, bladder backpacks and handhelds! You can see it at http://www.bodybottle.com (full disclosure: I'm the creator/designer/manufacturer)

Zina said...

Running specific Gelbot.


Jago Holmes said...

Hi Jeanne

Just a thought, I'm a personal trainer over here in the UK and I always carry my clients water for them so they don't have to!

When they run on their own most prefer the hand helds though.

I've never tried a bottle carrier myself, because I'm guesing it would be quite uncomfortable, although it would free up the arms which could be nice.

On the subject of an earlier post, running 3 times a week should be plenty as long you mix things up a bit.

All the best - Jago

Nancy Toby said...

Can you find me a water bottle that has a valve that doesn't break when I leave it in my car and it freezes in winter? Kthx

Judi said...

i can't stand them either! good luck with your choices!

Danielle said...

Hey! I almost have a PhD in lakes, which is just as good as *having* a PhD in water carriers, so please direct the marketers to me so I properly test out the various configurations and run the results through rigorous statistical analysis.