Friday, October 30, 2009

Marine Corps Marathon 2009, Spectating Part 1

Last weekend was a whirlwind.

My bloggy (and now real-life) friend, Dianna, was coming into town to BQ at the MCM (I love it when I talk like that) and I was lucky enough to watch her do it.

I'd met Dianna (aka the running chick with the orange hat) in the flesh only once before, when she ran Boston in 2007, like this:
I think this was around mile 9

And prior to that, I had only talked to her once, as I was slogging through mile 21 of the 2006 Marine Corps Marathon, when Susie handed me the phone and Dianna wished me well and I blubbered back, "I love you!"

So it's not like she went into this thing blind!

Dianna was staying in Crystal City (Arlington, Va.), near Number One Daughter's domicile. I decided to spend the night at NOD's place so it would be easy to meet up with Dianna on Saturday morning and get to the race expo early. (Also gave me the excuse I've been waiting for to spy on spend the night at NOD's. Turns out? NOD is ridiculously neat and organized. The apple apparently does fall far...) Anywho, I had to get 7 miles in on Saturday morning, so resorted to using the treadmill in NOD's exercise room at 6 a.m.


I kind of forgot how utterly totally miserable 7 miles on a treadmill, in a windowless, airless soul-sapping mirrored exercise room, with some horrible Britney Spear-like videos blaring from the TV, can be. After 1 mile I was swimming in sweat. I could feel the skin rubbing off certain tender parts of my body. HAVE I MENTIONED BEFORE HOW MUCH I HATE RUNNING?

God knows how, but I hung in there, 7 miles all told in 1:20 (11:30 min. miles). My biz done, I washed up, suited up and met Dianna at Pentagon City metro at 8:30 a.m.

I was full of warnings about lines wrapping around the block. Instead, we got there and waltzed right through packet pickup. So much for having the inside poop.

I had, however, cleverly brought NOD's camera with me, instead of my old utterly reliable one, because her's is compact and you can drop it and it won't break. I was going to document Dianna within an inch of her life.

Here's my BEST SHOT of the Expo experience:

Although this isn't too bad:

Pretty funny:

Where's Dianna, you ask??



How about some sexy Marines, at least??


Well, we left the Expo and went on our merry way. First order of business, score some crack:
Chinatown's (D.C.) Starbucks

We toyed with going to the Spy Museum (if you're ever in D.C., definitely go, it's worth every penny), but decided to stay low key and headed instead to the free Smithsonian American Art Museum, where we fooled around in this excellent exhibition. (It never ceases to amaze me how little I take advantage of this city's abundance. Thank God for friends coming to town to pull me off my couch of doom.)

We had some fun there. I took some more excellent photos of inanimate objects:
This is an amazing piece of folk art--an altar composed entirely of tin foil!

Next, we met up with Dianna's travel companions (her friend K was running MCM, and had her husband and two adorable kiddies with her) for lunch, which I conscientiously chronicled thusly:

Kids: one is a boy and one is a girl.

Dianna. I think.

It was right about here that I noticed that just possibly, something was wrong with the camera...

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion!


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Old race pics and fuzzy photos? I'm thinking you faked the whole thing.

Pics! Or it didn't happen!

David said...

when will you ever learn to use a camera? No wonder you're not a photo journalist managing editor copy girl.

21stCenturyMom said...

Too funny. They say cars are killing the world but really it is the abundance and over production of cheap electronic devices that are short lived and/or soon obsolete.

I first met Dianna when when she was about 2 years old and running around the house in nothing but her panties. I win.

Lesser is More said... went to the expo, but DIDN'T stop by the Clif table to say hi???? Shame! Could have given you free stuff too...

Petraruns said...

You crack me up you crazy nut! Now I'm hanging on for the second installment...

Nora said...

I like the fuzzy pictures. It keeps you guessing. It's kind of like halfway between reading a book and watching a movie. You've got some information about what things looked like, but you're still allowed some room for imagination.

Runner Susan said...

Jeanne, I need to teach you more than just shopping . . . I need to teach you how to use a camera.

Oh, and BTW, are you up for a blind date when you get here?

David said...

Susan ... you are teasing her!!! Now she'll be anxious and forget something IMPORTANT when she packs.

Rainmaker said...

Hmm, you did much better with photography at Boston this past year than this post displays. Perhaps we need a photog course like the tire changing one we did.

jeanne said...

you can say that again, Ray!