Wednesday, April 08, 2009

On Track and Asleep

Only two weeks left in the Montgomery County Road Runners Speed Development program—a 15-looooooooooooooong week program.

And I only missed two track workouts—once due to calf crampage and once due to my teeth.

Our coach told us Tuesday night that he had received more than 50 e-mails from people who ran Cherry Blossom and who PR'dd—the most PRs this group has ever set. If you live in/near Montgomery County and want to get faster, this program is the way to do it. He wrote me and said, "So you have a 1/2 marathon, 10m and 10k PR in the span of two weeks, that's awesome!"


So by Tuesday night, my right calf was a little tight from Sunday's Cherry Blossom, and Monday morning's ass-kicking swim instruction, where despite my protestations that I was fatigued, my swimming instructor made no allowances. By Tuesday night, the temp had dropped from 70F on Sunday to 30F. In fact, when I got to the track, it was actually snowing.

4x800 was on the sked. An easy night! My Interval goal time: 5:00.

1st 800: 4:31
R 3:10
2nd 800: 4:40
R 3:10
3rd 800: 4:34
R 3:01
4th 800: 4:46
R 3:46

No question, I'm getting faster. I wish this program continued throughout the summer, cuz you know there's no way I'm doing track work on my own. You've met me, right?

Our goal race, the culmination of ALL this effort, is the Pike's Peek 10k, which is a net downhill course, where people set mad crazy PRs. My insane goal is to do it in 1 hour. I have some other goals as back ups (2 hours, upright, etc.). I have no idea why we're running 12 miles in anticipation of a 10k race tomorrow. Which is why I might just skip tomorrow and instead get on that neglected thing called a B-I-K-E.

Thursday I did 1500 yards in the pool, with all kinds of crazy swim things. Swimming is kicking my ass. Friday (today) I slept in.

So my total HalfIronmanProgram workouts this week? I ran 5 miles on Tuesday (well plus 10 on Sunday) and swam 1500 on Thursday. This does not a HIPster make.

So Tired

I'm sure it's just mental, but I've been going to bed at 8:30 and getting decent sleep and waking up exhausted. I coulda/shoulda taken the bike out today, after attending Good Friday service. Instead I came home and went directly to bed.

What the hell is happening? Am I finally feeling my age? Am I getting sick? Why can't I workout like I did last year?? It's making me depressed.


Susan said...

Hmmm. maybe all of this speed is just wearing you out! :)

ShirleyPerly said...

Not sure how you're integrating your running/speedwork and half iron training but trying to do everything in both programs could be too much. Then again, I went through an adjustment period recently in my training where I was really feeling worn out too.

MJ said...

Well, you are training pretty hard, Ms. PR-star :) Are you getting enough protein? Refueling in the "golden" 15-30 min after you finish workouts? Getting enough iron and B? Could be a plateau prior to a breakthrough, could be early warning signs of overtraining. What about allergies? I know the last month or so here in DCland I've had on and off severe bouts....allergies make me tired, so do some of the meds! and if I get congested during the night, I don't sleep as well even if I don't realize I'm waking up a lot. You could be fighting off some bug but at a low level, and it's just draining you.
For better sleep, I've found it helpful to wear an eye mask - read about how even small amounts of light can prevent your body from creating enough melatonin for deep sleep and I (who have always boasted I could sleep with the overhead light shining on me) have really noticed a difference.
Hang in there - your accomplishments are vicarious joys and are giving me hope for myself!

Kelly said...

I don't think you're alone. From what I've been reading, it seems a lot of people are in a funk recently. I, personally, am depressed that spring is STILL not here. But for you it may just be over-training. Good luck!

21stCenturyMom said...

Those are some speedy repeats at the track - well done! And when the program is over you should find people from your NTP to do once a week track workouts with. Track is the bomb.

As for the exhaustion - if it doesn't spontaneously vanish soon I'd be a little worried. Could be nutritional, could be hormonal, could be mood but what it shouldn't be is persistant. If it is you need to get checked out.

Lesser is More said...

I think its just the weather changes that are keeping motivation lacking. How can it be 70 one day and snowing the next? And just to make you feel better, you've done more than I did this week. My grand total for this week was a hilly bike ride on Monday. Aside from that, zilch.

Anne said...

If you're in the survival zone at work, it could be zapping all of your energy.

Rainmaker said...

You're going to bed at 8:30? You a little over 2 hours from now? Isn't it still light out then?

Nicely done on the speed work. You know there's also other track programs that go on through the summer (See Mr. Peter...).

LBTEPA said...

You trained like this last year at the end of the summer - it took you months to build up to what you are doing now! What everyone said about protein, iron, vitamins, get checked etc etc. You're a legend

Sunshine said...

Well, probably what everybody said.. and then besides.. maybe simply the rhythm of the changing seasons (and don't we wish it would change!)

Vickie said...

I think you are working out harder, just differently. Speed work does tear you down some, but you've also been doing races and trying to fit in half iron training. It does add up to exhaustion at some point. I think you need to find a program that has you working steadily and consistently toward your goal. You may not be giving yourself enough time to accomplish your goals. I had to look for races and programs that I could fit into my life, knowing that life would get in the way and work ALWAYS gets in the way. If you want info on the program I'm using, e-mail me. (there is a modified version)