Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Week After the Week That Was

I know I owe you all a love-life update but I ran outta time, so it will just have to wait! (And that sentence right there could quite possibly completely substitute for the update.)

After an action-packed week of the Boston Marathon (spectating, not running, for you new people out there), a fantastic 20-mile bike ride, and the Pike's Peek 10K...I'm a lost soul.

My beloved Speed Development Program held its awards banquet on Tuesday, and I was sad. I was sad because I didn't win a damn thing! To get a certificate suitable for framing you had to have decreased your pace at the Pike's Peek 10k by one minute over (under?) the pace group you were assigned to in January 2009.

I was in the 10:30 pace group.

My Pike's Peek pace: 10:38.

Not certificate-worthy!

It sorta kinda looks like I increased my pace by :08. Which is totally a lie. Even if technically true.


I really thought I was going to get the Spirit Award! Or the Showing Up Award! The Bravest??

I'm not bitter.

(I'm so bitter.)

I have no other road races planned. Just Nation's Oly tri in September, another Oly in August and a sprint in June.

So tonight I started toying with the idea of marathon training. It's just a phase, I think. I don't actually want to run another marathon, silly. Do I??

Meanwhile: Here's a good story. I only managed to get one swim in while in Boston last week, and man, was I fast!!! I finished 1500 yards in 30 minutes. Holy crap!

As I climbed out of the pool, impressed with my prowess, I took a look back, squinting through my odd prescription goggles. And then took another look at my time. And then? I decided to ask the lifeguard that fatal question: Err, how long is this pool?

Answer: 20 yards.

As in: Not 25 yards.

As in 100 ≠ 4 laps.

As in 4 laps = 80.


And: I seem to have lost a bra somewhere between D.C. and Boston. No kidding. Not a regular one either. A specially-fitted one that cost a chunk of change!

I should have sewn my address into the label.


LBTEPA said...

They should absolutely have given you an award!!! Booo!
You're just teasing us, I bet you lost that bra in a really fun way and you're not telling ;)

Runner Susan said...

I'll buy you a new bra if you run HOUSTON in 2010!

eileen said...

Your loss is some thieving bowler's gain. Just imagine the convenience of being able to carry both balls in one sack! Hey, wait a minute....

Angie said...

Just started reading your blog..not sure how I found you. But I really enjoy reading about your training. I started running a couple of years ago - for some reason until I turned 37 I HATED running but now love it. Anyway, I trained for and ran the Shamrock Half-Marathon in VA Beach and completely exceeded expectations - 15 min faster than what I predicted. Then, I ran the Pike's Peek 10K Sunday and completely tanked - I ran 1 min/mile SLOWER than last year when I expected to be faster. It was really sucky conditions...

Sounds like your speed dev program really helped your running speed, just not for that one race...

Kelly said...

Losing bras, swimming short distances, not being the most spirited... you are a wreck this week! Better days lay ahead... and I think you SHOULD do a marathon!

Judi said...

you should totally run a marathon. i am on sunday. :)

Petraruns said...

I'll buy you any bra of your choice if you run a marathon next year. If you run London I'll take you to Rigby and Peller where they sort the queen out. That should perk you up - in every respect?

No award? That's tough. Harsh. Grossly unfair.

mak'n Changes said...

Boy, u poor thing. You had me rolling in that post. Fun reading. Thx

21stCenturyMom said...

Sounds like you've got the post-race-post-program-no-race-in-the-near-future blues. You need to register for something. According to your comments thus far that thing would be a marathon. London sounds about right, non?

About the bra - bummer. I just discovered I lost a pair of shoes at Oceanside. crap.

Vickie said...

I did the same thing on a track once when training for my first 5k--5 laps to the mile instead of 4. I'd been running 2 months and suddenly I was running an 8 min. mile! Rude awakening at the race.

ShirleyPerly said...

Bummer, lost bra, no award, and no races except 2 olys and a sprint ... wait a minute, that is not enough? Maybe a marathon will cheer you up. Maybe Berlin in the Fall?

Dori said...

I wish I could take a speed development class. If I lost ten pounds, maybe I could run faster. I agree with the others--run another marathon!

Fe-lady said...

Do you mean Pike's Peak?
I am confused...guess I should have hit the link.

Rainmaker said...

"And: I seem to have lost a bra somewhere between D.C. and Boston. No kidding. Not a regular one either. A specially-fitted one that cost a chunk of change!"

Uhh...that's what all the girls say.