Sunday, August 10, 2008

Swim, Bike, Walk with Bike, and Run: The Quadrathon!

Yesterday was D.C. Tri's last training tri of the summer. I wanted to compare my time to my first training tri. Also, I wanted to try out my new "no walking" regimen. Plus, I wanted to try out whatever it is I've managed to learn in my swimming classes the past 4 sessions.

I had a Big Order to fill yesterday, people.

I got up at 4:15, took care of bizness, loaded the car, and got to Haine's Point around 6ish, nabbed the best parking place and the best transition spot (always thinking of others...). Soon enough others starting trickling in, including some new folks, and because I am now a graduate of the New Triathlete Program, I could actually tell people what to expect (they thought I knew things! HA HA). Not only that, but two people forgot a pump, so I ran to my car, got mine and lent it out! And another person forgot to eat breakfast so I gave her a Cliff Bar!

I'm a freakin' SAINT!!!

It was gorgeous yesterday, blue skies, slight wind, must have been in the high 70s. I decided on a new strategy yesterday, after there being so much DRAMA over what to wear during the New Jersey State tri. Yesterday, for the First Time Ever, I wore only my running bra and my tri shorts for the swim. (Yes, I know. But hey, at least I didn't have to look at me.)

The swim went well; no collisions. We did 400 in a 50 meter pool, so I tried to practice one part of the 900 parts of swimming in each lane. I'm guessing it took me about 11 minutes, give or take.

Ran to the bike, put on helmet, sox and shoes...and then tried to put my D.C. Road Runners tank top on. Over the helmet. Sigh. Remove helmet, try again.

I actually liked swimming in the bra top and then adding a regular top afterwards. Once I get the helmet thing under control, I think this system will work.

On the back of my D.C. Road Runners tank, it says,
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?

It's cute.

Started slowly on the bike, but I was feeling GOOD. I noticed that pedaling felt harder than usual but attributed that to a strong headwind. A headwind that seemed to be coming at me no matter what direction I went. When, la-de-da, around mile 4 of 16.8, something felt amiss. It could not be ANOTHER flat. Not two days after my first one, could it???

It could.

But, no problem, I'll just whip out my spare...which I just used on Wednesday...and hadn't yet replaced. Son of a $#!!~#

This is what I get for being NICE TO PEOPLE?!!! HELLO UP THERE???

I wasted 10 minutes trying to use a C02 cartridge to inflate my dead tube, thinking maybe...the hole in the tube would heal itself? Didn't matter, couldn't get cartridge to work. (That's because I hadn't read these most excellent directions!.)

So many many people flying by me and just about every single one asked if I was OK. I heart my D.C. Tri Club.

And then started the Long Walk back, in cleats. I was only about 2 miles away from transition. I was kinda mad though.

Got to transition, told them I was O-U-T, and then said I was gonna run anyway (can't have the day be a total loss. Plus there was a barbecue afterwards). So I ran the entire way, a first. Of course it's entirely possible that I didn't need to walk because I hadn't, in fact, biked. But still! I'll take what I can get.

5k time: 33:59 (10:54) (July 2008: 36:50 (11:53))

The barbecue was fantastic, although I don't think I'll ever get used to eating lunch at 9:30 a.m. So I had three donut holes and water, and headed ... straight to the bike store where I bought 50 tubes (OK, four), and spent the afternoon on my balcony changing my rear tire. Over and over. Til I could do it in my sleep! Sort of! I have yet to get the hang of the cartridge thing though.

Meanwhile, today, Sunday:
Running: Today was my "long run": 4 miles, no walking. I did it. In 43:33. I'm just going to add one mile a week to my long runs, try to do one day of speed work, in addition to two other runs of some length (tbd), and hope for the best.

Tonight is swim class, where we will be focusing on "Pulling /Acceleration / Sculling." I'm really interested in that middle thing.

And that, my friends, is that.


21stCenturyMom said...

You just reminded me that last night I dreamt about inflating my friend's tire with C02 only when I needed to turn it off I couldn't find the button (it was a special set up found only in dreams) and was worried about blowing up her very hard tire.

Anyhow- nice job! It seems like your running is getting much faster. Must be that not walking thing. Way to go!

Sunshine said...

Appreciated reading your last posts.. but am too amazed at all the tri and bike tire flats, etc to have an intelligent comment. Except maybe, yes, buying 50 spares seems like the way to go.

Rainmaker said...

Hmm...what are you inflating your tubes to? Also, we should chat - perhaps the stalk tires just are really thing and not resistant. I was having the same problem with my tires flatting literally every week (stock tires), and then swapped out for some $20 ones that I went all winter on (1,500+ miles) without a single flat - still haven't flatted on them yet.

LBTEPA said...

Oh no!
Good on you running (so fast too) after all that!
You are so thorough, I can just see you on the balcony determindly MASTERING tyre changing

Jade Lady said...

You always have a way of inspiring me Jeanne. Way to get to transition - even after the flat. Well, I had better practice more on getting that rear tire on...and using those darn C02 cartridges. Never tried them yet...

The new Casey said...

Great Report. It would have been nice to be there to support you and the rest of the tri-club. Bummer about the flat!!!

Sorry to have missed you today. We got back late from the mountain.

IHateToast said...

i was doing okay. i read; i was ready to comment. i knew i had somethig to say about spare tires of bikes v those of cars and comparing them to our own tummyriffic ones. then i got to the bottom and read "donut holes".

what? did you write anything else? was there a post about training pants or hello up there or walking with the bike? i don't know. i just remember

doooonuuuuut hoooooles.

i haven't had any for years. now i can't focus. i think i have a twitch now.

Jack said...

Well done St. Jeanne!

mmm...donut holes!

Anne said...

After all of this tri training and executing, I'd have to think you looked mighty fine in just a jog bra and shorts -- right? Even with those donut holes.

peter said...

Great post Jeanne. There is an excitment that has come back into your writing like there was when running was your passion and runners were your friends. But then running, I dunno, let you down I guess, and you found biking and tris and rejuvenation. I think it's terrific. I watched AJ go through the same thing on her blog and now she seems happy. There's obviously something there. I'm going to try to look at all those silent swift bikers that go flashing by me perilously close on the W&OD in a different light.

Yeah, that's a great dcrrc shirt. It got me through Chicago's infamous "Fun Run" last October and provoked a few wry laughs.

BreezieGirl said...

Aw, what a bummer on the flat! My coach made us practice with our CO2 and at first I was like, but, it's expensive! I don't really have a flat and why would I want to waste it? But I'm so glad I practiced and have a handle on it now. Do you have threaded or non-threaded?

BettyBetty said...

Make sure you check your tire too - do a visual inspection along the tread and side. Back to back flats could mean something is amiss with the a split where little rocks get lodged and puncture your tube.

David said...

cut 200 words and resubmit.

ShirleyPerly said...

Well, better to get a flat during a training race rather than a real race. Some really good lessons learned there (a similar thing happened to me during a training ride).

Great job holding things together, though, and finishing the run well!

Xena said...

You performed 3 momacles: advice, pump, and breakfast. You are a saint.

And all saints' faith must be tested, thus the flat.

I think Ray should give us a tire class what with all his spare time during his taper :)

Susan said...

Good job, Phelps! :)

Always an adventure.

So how has your body changed since becoming a triathlete and using all sorts of new muscle groups?

Rae said...

What a bummer about the flat!! It seems like a LOT of the riders I read have had flats in the past week - it must be some sort of RBF virus going around!! Great job on doing the running and getting 'r' done!

Clair said...

Jeanne -

I'm so enjoying your blog. As a fellow 50+ recent triathlete, it's great to read about your experiences!