Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday on My Mind

I'm trying to use up 11 years worth of accumulated vacation hours by taking as many Fridays off as I can.

It's my little prescription to save my sanity and the sanity of those around me. Good in theory. My only problem is that I am a really crappy planner.

So today is my second Friday off. And? I have no plans.

Possible things I could do today:

1. I'm sitting in my living room surrounded by piles of clothes that need folding, 5 days of newspapers that need to be read or chucked (why do I buy it and NOT read it??!?!), a bedroom that needs what you might call SERIOUS tidying, and a kitchen that we started to re-do (we stripped the wallpaper--and let the glue fell on the floor because surely I'd be getting a new floor soon? But no. So it landed and hardened.) three months ago.

2. Read blogs.

3. I could go pay for a Reiki session, but it's not cheap and really, what exactly IS IT?

4. I could try to find a yoga class.

5. I live in a city with a boatload of the best museums in the world. And they're all free!

6. Go see a movie already!

7. I could clean.

8. I should really really clean.

9. Write a blog post!

10. Write a desperately overdue letter.

11. Call your mother!!!

Here's what I've done so far:

1. Starbucks. Grande decaf skim latte, extra hot.

2. Read blogs.

Now it's 11:10 and I've wasted four hours of my day already, doing nothing, but not the good kind of nothing. (This post is even boring ME, David, so save your breath.)

Because this is a "fitness" blog, I'll report on the rest of my week, since you asked.

Sunday: Ran five miles, no walking, 11:06 min. miles. Yay me.

Monday: Flat on bike at 6 a.m. Another early morning call to Number One Daughter! No time to run at work. But ran around a lot AFTER work because NOD is GOING TO EUROPE FOR A MONTH before she starts her full-time job. So, that's like 10 workouts right there. (By the way, if anyone knows anyone in Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Istanbul, or Greece, gimme a shoutout. She's going with two girlfriends, and they are backpacking and staying in youth hostels. I AM SO NOT JEALOUS. And so NOT WORRIED.)

Tuesday: Swam 1200 yards. Still slower than B.C. (Before swim Class). Forgot to run. After work, visited D.C. Rainmaker who generously GAVE me a RE-FUSE tire, and watched me put it on, AFTER I (accidentally!) slammed my car into the brick post that holds up his balcony. I'm sure I didn't do any structural damage. I guess he'll find out when he returns from IRONMAN CANADA! GO RAY!

Wednesday: Rode 10.20 miles—NO flat! I still can't seem to get up any speed (seriously Jeanne? You? Can't go fast??) riding on the streets around my neighborhood, which are all major arteries. I'm terrified every time I go out, so maybe I'm going slower on purpose? Maybe?

Wednesday: Ran 3 miles, tempo:


Still no walking. I should probably be adding distance, but my Secret Plan is to get good at three miles so that I don't start to hate running again and THEN add miles. I'll be sure to let you know how that works out. Oh, I also gave up running with the iPod.

Thursday: 1400 yard swim. Still slower than BC. Sigh. Went to last Swim Class after work and swam about 1 million laps there.

(But can I lose one pound?? I CANNOT.)


Saturday: Ride 18 miles, run 5k. It's the D.C. Tri Brick-nic.

I'm exhausted. I think it's just about naptime.

(This song makes me smile.)


Janice said...

Your free to stop on windows are in serious need of washing/power washing. I have the rest of the house covered.
Enjoy doing a whole lot of nothing!
I'l miss this weekend's festivities...leaving for vacation.

Vickie said...

I've noticed the farther I've gotten in my training this year the slower my pool swims seem to be going. Oh well, not worrying too much. And I also hold back on the bike when riding on the road out of fear of course. I think it makes a difference. As for speed, it will come, eventually. All of a sudden and then you will find yourself hammering every chance you get. Good luck on the brick-nic.

Rainmaker said...

Woohoo - no flattage! I think if you can go a week or so, I declare it a success. Otherwise, just temporary success.

As for burning the day...just relax. Sometimes (actually most times) - that's simply the best way!


Judi said...

Have a great weekend Jeanne!

a.maria said...

well you've done more than me this week! i'm freaking out...

freaking, freaking, freaking out about my lack of training and HALF IRONMAN coming up.

but i'm pretending to be cool with it. "its all good".

eff me. in the goat ass.

enjoy your day off. doesn't matter what you do, as long as you ENJOY!

21stCenturyMom said...

Welcome to my world. I spend day after day thinking "I really should finish painting the kitchen" "I really should clean out the garage so I can park my car in it(what a concept!", etc. Ad nauseum. What I do is train, read blogs, watch YouTube, and generally pi$$ away my days on the internet. Maddening but apparently normal.

Neese said...

take these fridays to relax and do "nothing" without regret eventually you may work in some productivity, if not, who cares there's always Saturday :)

ShirleyPerly said...

OK, I think you've now gotten more flats than I have in a month. Hope the new tire helps. This year I went to using a slightly heavier, more sturdy tire in the hopes I'll get faster by just getting fewer flats!

Great to hear you're taking Fridays off. I've often done items 2 & 9 and wondered where the hell the day went.

Jade Lady said...

Good for you for taking some much needed time off - as for what to do - I agree - RELAX and don't feel like you got to be productive!

Glad to hear you're not spending more time fixing flat tires!

David said...

you should get a pedicure.

running naked is good for your head.

clean up your room girl!

after a few of these useless Fridays you'll figure it out.

Phil said...

Holy crap ... your list matches mine (almost point to point)... I think you've discovered the core of the runner with time on their hands.

Runner Susan said...

you're giving me a heart attack. i must find a way to get there because I can't sleep if I know your room needs cleaning.

How does one end up with 11 years worth of vacations built up? come to Dallas and I'll make you margaritas by the pool and you can give me bike lessons.

I'm so serious too.

Susan said...

I seriously don't know what the internet would do without you!

Black Knight said...

Naptime, yes, my favourite time! Have a wonderful week end

LBTEPA said...

Do they pay out your holidays if you resign? 11 years' worth, crikey, no wonder you can't remember how to relax!

Kathy said...

Sometimes the day calls for a Starbucks, some blog reading, and a little rest and relaxation. I'm glad that you spent the morning that way instead of cleaning (says the one with toys all over the house!)

Matt (Girth Watch) said...

Sometimes you just need to take time to stop. I'm doing that at the moment... the probnlem is I love my job and seem to end up doing it again (I work from home).

Just12Finish said...

I would take every Wednesday off ...