Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wisdom of the Crowd

I have too many options. I need advice.

What I know for sure I'm doing:

Wirefly National Half-Marathon: Saturday, March 29 (Note to self: Remember to post RANT about

Philadelphia Sprint Triathlon, Saturday, June 21, 2008


St. Patrick's Day 8k, March 9, 2008 (don't ask)

George Washington Parkway 5K or 10 miler (I've done the 5k twice, would kind of like to try it again): Sunday April 22

But really the $64,000 question is: Do I have another marathon in me?

If I do try for another marathon, which one? I'd like something smallish, local(ish), and preferably? Something that won't kill me. And I definitely do NOT want a fall marathon, because I am soooo done with training in the D.C. heat. Eighteen weeks of training would put me in the first week of June. (Do I need 18 weeks of training? I fear I do.)

1. Should I attempt another marathon?

2. If so, which one?

3. If so, how to train? I want to train with a group. An organized group.

Potomac River Run Marathon, May 4 ( reviewers call it "mentally very challenging," so that kind of predisposes me against it);

Frederick, Maryland, Marathon, Sunday, May 24

That's all I can find nearby.

Then, add this to the mix:

The D.C. Triathlon Club has an informational meeting on Jan. 27 for its New Triathlete Program. So I wrote to the organizer asking this and that, and he wrote this back
Since you mentioned the Philly Sprint I'm going to chime in - One thing about our program is that we provide a 20-week training plan that will get you through your first race. We set a goal race with that in mind which is the New Jersey State Triathlon on July 27th. The only problem with you doing Philly is that you'll be missing some of the later components of the program.

I don't want you to think that I'm discouraging you from doing NTP. What I'd like to encourage you to do is to also consider doing the NJ State Tri. You could complete Philly to get your feet wet in triathlon and then improve your time at New Jersey. Also, should you choose to do the Olympic distance at New Jersey, Philly will be an excellent race to get you prepared for your first Olympic :)

That may sound daunting to you [DAUNTING? TO ME? OH NEVER!] but I'll assure you that you can definitely do it. The program really is an awesome opportunity and we'll give you all of the resources you need to complete both races.

So an OLYMPIC TRIATHLON??? Is he serious??? Who does he think he's talking to, Nancy Toby????

So a marathon, thumbs up or down? And does that decision rest on whether or not I get up my courage for this New Jersey Olympic thing?

My head hurts.


Susan said...

You absolutely have another marathon in you and you don't need a zillion weeks of training!

But Olympic -- whoa baby! Go for it!

Rainmaker said...

Awesome - you'll be at at least one race - if not two that I'm doing. I'm signed up for the Philly tri (oly). I think you could handle it, but the sprints are also lots of fun too!

And the GW 10 Miler you should do...cause well... I plan to do it.

I have a solution for ya - do both the Philly Sprint - AND the NJ Oly. The sprint is exactly a month out from the Oly - typical time frame for the jump between sprint and Oly races. That's what I do. Sprint, 30 days later, Oly, 30 days later, Half, and so on...

Well...except my first race is a half - but beyond that it would have worked.

Nancy Toby said...

Ha! Thanks for the kind mention!

I'm completely confident that you'll do whatever you set your mind to. Do whichever you can get the most enthusiastic about.

Because you know what? Whichever you choose.... you're probably going to do it better and faster NEXT YEAR TOO. Bwahahahaaaa!!

Jeanne said...

18 weeks should be plenty of time, besides look at what kind of shape you're in already, what with the swimming and spinning and the little PR last month!

About the tri - go for it (I will if you will). Sprint sounds great, Olympic - eek!

David said...

Take two and call me in the morning.
Take two and hit to right.
Take it easy and try to best your previous PRs in distances you already own.
Thanks for asking.

LBTEPA said...

I reckon register for the two sprints, then after the first one, if you're all 'that was so easy, I must push my boundaries!' see if you can change to the Olympic distance. No point just doing one tri after all that work. No idea about the marathon :)

21stCenturyMom said...

I like the Oly idea - you can do it!

As for the marathon - meh. You are training for your first triathlon and I can tell you from painful experience that it is really hard to get in all the cycling you need for the triathlons AND do the long runs.

I say no marathon this year - focus on triathlon.

peter said...

I don't know what all those bicycling people are talking about and I'm keping my mouth shut about stuff I don't know about. But I like the PRRM (I did it its first year). It's out 'n back, twice. If you're not feeling good at the end of the first go-round (and who is after 13 miles) you can cut it short and log a half-mary. That was my cruelest moment in running, turning around at that Full and heading back out thinking, Another two hours? But I actually like that course down there on the GW Parkway, the water views of the Potomac, the narrow blacktop trail promoting friendly hellos to people you're passing the other way, the switchbacks up the shallow ravines. Good stuff (and easy to practice on beforehand).

Triseverance said...

I have no doubt you have another marathon in you, but the question is do you want to do another one right now?
I say focus on the Olympic thing, they are really not that hard, then when you see how fun that was you can think about the Half IM distance. Just my two cents.

Curly Su said...

of course you could do a marathon...

but what about concentrating on tris this year? you could do the philli and then nj and then get back to marathons next winter... if of course, you're not totally biased towards tris by then! :)

m said...

Ah you always crack me up!

Heck I was debating the "escape from Fort Delaware Tri" (yes I've never done a tri and where the hell am I to get a fricken wet suit and BIKE?)

But...if you do philly I will find a bike and I will do it with you.

I can't train with you, but I can't bitch about it on my blog. I'm fab at bitching!

Now where to get that bike?

Judi said...

Gor for it. Do the full marathon and the Oly tri. I did 3 oly tri's last summer and they are fun!

Bex said...

E. loved staying with you! He is very grateful. He just got back and is very tired from traveling. Btw, the Frederick Marathon/Half-Marathon running festival is May 3 and 4, not May 24.

Bex said...

I just found out that I can't do the GW Parkway 10-miler. Waaaahhh! I will be traveling for work instead.

Anne said...

Do you really enjoy marathons? Really?! I vote for the 10-miler. It's the perfect distance, in my book, and you're fortunate to live where there are several races.

Just12Finish said...

N.Y.C. :-)