Saturday, January 12, 2008

Coolrunning and

I've kept my running log at since I started running, oh way back in '05. It was simple. It worked well.

Until sometime around November 2007. When Cool Running decided to do merge with

All Cool Running customers were instructed to "click here" to merge your log with Active.

I clicked.

And promptly lost my running log. And apparently a lot of other people did, too.

I worked with for many—fruitless, I might add—weeks to solve the problem. Finally, I started following the Disgruntled Cool Running discussion on Active. There are a LOT of unhappy people who, like me, thought our running logs were gone forever. Until one exceptionally helpful discussion board member posted a "backdoor" url to retrieve your running log—and it worked!

And then someone else suggested a terrific site to keep your running log at, since is a NIGHTMARE to log into, never mind try to import data, or use for anything.

And what is this terrific site? It's RunningAhead. It imported my data—which I felt like a criminal trying to retrieve—flawlessly. And it has this handy little piece of code to display my weekly activities (running/swimming/biking/ whateverIwant), which keeps me humble, and honest, all at the same time. See? it's posted right over there-------->

Kudos to Eric at RunningAhead. Well done.

And Active? Well, it's more of a nightmare now than ever. I just tried to register for the National Half-Marathon and it is forcing me to login, but will not retrieve my name or any other info. So I'm going to have to resort to registering by mail.



Rainmaker said... like Axis of Evil.

I used to hang out a lot at Cool Running.

21stCenturyMom said... was great until it got bought by some greedy entity that promptly prceeded to totally eff it up in the name of profitability. On the plus side it still exists. On the minus side it has become unusable. Have you tried the search function lately? Disaster!

peter said...


Nancy Toby said...

Farkin' It keeps asking me to update. Over and over and over again, AFTER I've logged in, stops me cold at that page until I find a work-around. Gack. Nice way to treat your long-term customers, jerks.

Adeel said...

I posted a few thousand times on Cool Running over five years, and I loved the place. I owe a lot to what I learned from that site (ie how to train hard). However, I can't log in anymore and that's that.

David said...

More war story .... gave me (?) a "free membership" a little over a year ago. I rarely/never used it or visited; then they automatically renewed my membership with a credit card charge. I happened to stumble upon their auto renew email in my spam/junk file and reversed their profits for the week.

monicac2 said...

I'm so sad to see Cool Running fall apart; I learned so much from that site. I haven't even ventured over to the discussion forums at Running Ahead, but I will. There's still so much more to learn!

Anita said...

I feel your pain! I spent nearly an hour the other night trying to register for the Big Sure 9-miler and that crazy system of theirs seemed to just randomly toss me all over their site but never to the right place...and to someone else's question, YES, I tried to use their search function...what a freakin' nightmare!

I'm happy to report at the end of the hour I was able to register and I wrote the effort up as a one hour training session. Skipped the gym the next day.